Regal Gaming Technologies and Yoti take new steps to protect young people and reduce risks of underage play: introducing digital age verification across UK bars, pubs and service stations

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Regal Gaming Technologies, a leading provider of gaming machines to the leisure and hospitality industry, has today announced that it is working with Yoti in testing a digital age verification solution to create safer and more age appropriate experiences and bring a halt to under 18 players.

By implementing digital age verification, Regal’s clients – which include some of the largest players in the UK hospitality sector – can rely on the technology to assist them in preventing young people and minors from playing 18+ gaming machines.

The combination of Regal Gaming Technologies and Yoti brings an integrated solution that helps people prove their age in two privacy-preserving ways:

  • Yoti facial age estimation – the technology accurately estimates a person’s age based on a selfie. This privacy-preserving and inclusive approach doesn’t require any personal details or ID documents, and all images are instantly deleted once someone receives their estimated age.
  • Digital ID app – individuals can use the free Yoti app to scan a QR code on the gaming machine and share a verified ‘over 18’ attribute.

Both solutions reduce the risks of fake or fraudulent ID documents being used, and relieve pressure on staff to accurately check IDs. The technology can also eliminate potential confrontation between customers and staff when checking age, and enable  play without staff interaction, creating a smoother customer experience. Alternatively, customers can choose to show a physical ID document to a member of staff.

Andrew Bell, Managing Director Finance and Commercial of Regal Gaming Technologies said: “As a business, we’re committed to providing a complete range of gaming solutions to our pub and AGC customers, and we are pleased to be partnering with Yoti to provide a market-leading age verification solution in our Digital Gaming Machines. Modern pubs are busy, fast-paced working environments and integrating Yoti’s solution into our machines to assist site staff with age verification is a great way to tackle underage gambling. It’s fast, accurate and highly efficient.”

Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti said: “We are committed to using our tech for good, in particular how we can help protect against anyone underage accessing age restricted leisure activities or online content. We’re delighted to be working with Regal Gaming Technologies to prevent underage play and create age appropriate experiences. Our innovative age estimation technology and free Yoti app allows adults to easily prove their age in a private and secure way, only sharing the fact that they are over 18.”

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