Gate Web3 Announces Participation in Token2049 Singapore


Gate Web3, the web3 division of the renowned platform, is delighted to announce its participation in Token2049 Singapore, underscoring its dedication to fostering innovation within the Asian blockchain industry.

Token2049 Singapore, scheduled for September 13-14, 2023, has always been a linchpin for Asia’s blockchain and cryptocurrency community. This event is a cauldron of innovation, gathering global leaders, pioneering projects, investors, and tech aficionados to dive deep into the latest technologies, industry advancements, and prevailing trends.

“ has always championed the cause of innovation in blockchain. Joining Token2049 under the Gate Web3 banner is a testament to this commitment,” remarked Dr. Li Han, Founder and CEO of

Attendees are welcome to explore Gate Web3 ecosystem at Token2049. More than  a display – Gate Web3 is also brining an experience to showcasing its strides and achievements in sculpting the blockchain world.

The experience is further enriched with side events such as the ‘C-Suite & VIP Whiskey Night’, co-hosted with partners Fireblocks and LTP. This exclusive evening is tailor-made for industry executives, fostering partnerships, sharing updates, and kindling meaningful discussions to spur the sector’s growth.

The ‘Gate Web3’s Night of the Future’ event promises another immersive experience. Through in-depth presentations and dialogues, attendees will gain insights into Gate Web3’s vision, growth trajectory, and prospects in the burgeoning blockchain domain.

“We’re not just attending Token2049 – we’re embracing it, championing it, and looking forward to robust engagements with global blockchain luminaries,” Dr Han continued.  “Our unwavering spirit of openness and innovation drives us, and we’re excited about the momentum this event brings to the blockchain sector.”

Gate Web3 extends its heartfelt gratitude to its community and users for their steadfast support and enthusiasm.



Wemade integrates Fireblocks, the industry-leading digital assets technology provider


Leading global blockchain developer Wemade today announced the integration of Fireblocks, the industry-leading digital assets custody, transfer, and settlement technology provider, into its WEMIX3.0 mainnet.

Founded in 2018, Fireblocks is an easy-to-use platform to create new blockchain-based products and manage day-to-day digital asset operations.

The company helps its customers securely store and operate their digital assets through its battle-tested MPC-CMP security technology and infrastructure.

Wemade aims to utilize Fireblocks’ solutions to heighten the level of efficiency and security of the WEMIX digital assets management process.

Since the implementation of such solutions is required for most global partnerships, this is a necessary step toward developing a more robust global blockchain business for WEMIX.

Stephen Richardson, Managing Director, Financial Markets and Head of APAC at Fireblocks, said, “We are delighted to be working with Wemade to help them run and scale their treasury management operations for their digital assets, so they can take control of their digital assets and move closer towards their vision of building an open source programmable future for the web3 era.”

“By collaborating with Fireblocks and using its de facto global blockchain standard services, the expansion of the WEMIX3.0 mega-ecosystem will be accelerated,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “The mainnet now offers even more secure, efficient, and transparent digital assets management.”


Fireblocks Surpasses $100 Million ARR Milestone, Cementing Its Status as SaaS Centaur


Fireblocks (, an easy-to-use platform to create innovative products on the blockchain and manage day-to-day crypto operations, announced today that its 2022 Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) has surpassed $100 million just four years after the company’s inception and three years since Fireblocks’ first product went into market. This achievement places Fireblocks among a rare subset of SaaS unicorns — including Slack and Twilio — that have reached this coveted valuation milestone in less than five years.

Founded on a mission to enable every business to easily and securely support digital assets and cryptocurrencies, Fireblocks’ explosive growth runs congruent to the overwhelming interest in decentralized finance, blockchain, and Web3 technologies from the world’s largest banks, consumer brands, gaming companies, fintechs, startups, and enterprises.

“For the digital asset industry, 2022 has been a year of consolidation as well as tremendous growth,” said Fireblocks Co-founder and CEO, Michael Shaulov. “We saw an unprecedented volume of new market entrants, including fintechs, Web3 startups, banks, and PSPs. Because of Fireblocks’ MPC custody and treasury management technology, which has become one of the most fundamental pieces of infrastructure for the digital asset ecosystem, we have seen first-hand the innovation happening among fintechs, Web3 start-ups, banks, and PSPs who are diligently bringing new digital asset products to market. We will continue growing our secure and scalable product suites to meet this market demand and support every business joining the decentralized economy.”

“Fireblocks’ growth is a testament to the quality of its product and the dedication of the team building it,” said Michelle Bailhe, Partner at Sequoia. “As crypto becomes increasingly integrated into global financial infrastructure, Fireblocks will continue to grow in importance, enabling businesses to deliver secure crypto products for customers around the world, ranging from crypto and fintech startups to large financial institutions.”

Fireblocks is the only platform that eliminates a single point of failure and insulates digital assets from cyberattacks, internal collusion, and human error using a patent-pending multi-layer security approach. As digital assets and crypto enter into mainstream consciousness, Fireblocks’ MPC-CMP technology has become widely adopted by some of the world’s most recognized institutions and cutting-edge start-ups such as BNP Paribas, Six Digital Exchange, ANZ Bank, FIS,, MoonPay, Animoca Brands, and Wirex. In 2022, over 1,500 organizations deployed Fireblocks’ technology to protect customer and investor funds, strengthen digital asset security, and streamline day-to-day crypto operations.

“Essentially, businesses — from startups to enterprises — reach out to Fireblocks in order to maximize security in their technology stack so that they may focus on their core competencies: building innovative services and products for their customers while maintaining agility and the ability to react quickly to headwinds,” said Idan Ofrat, Fireblocks’ Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder. “As we look to the future, we are committed to delivering the same secure, easy-to-use and scalable solution for emerging market entrants and use cases such as stablecoin issuance, NFT treasury management, and crypto payments.”

“Fireblocks offers critical infrastructure for a wide range of companies looking to build out digital asset operations, including games, fintechs, banks and more,” said Arjun Balaji, an Investment Partner with Paradigm. “At Paradigm, we’re committed to supporting organizations like Fireblocks that empower developers and ultimately make Web3 more user-friendly and secure.”

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Fireblocks Appoints Former Head of Fintech from Bank of England As New Director of CBDC and Market Infrastructure


Fireblocks (, the industry leader and award-winning digital asset and crypto technology provider, announced today it has appointed the former Head of Fintech at the Bank of EnglandVarun Paul, as its new Central Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) and Market Infrastructure Director. In this new role, Paul will serve on Fireblocks’ Corporate Strategy team and report to Fireblocks’ Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy, Adam Levine.

Paul is a graduate of Cambridge University who earned a Master’s degree in Economics. After college, Paul served in multiple roles at the Bank of England for 14 years, ultimately spearheading its fintech hub and future of finance initiatives.

“Varun brings a wealth of insight and experience from his tenure at the Bank of England that will be invaluable to our team as we engage and partner with leading central banks around the world,” said Levine. “From CBDC developments to the tokenization of traditional financial  assets, bridging digital assets and blockchain technologies to traditional institutions at scale will require strong working relationships with the central bank community. We are excited about Varun’s ability to help support the digital asset strategy of central banks and market infrastructures.”

As Fireblocks’ first Director of CBDC and Market Infrastructure, Paul will lead the company’s engagement with central banks and market infrastructures as they begin adopting digital asset and tokenization technologies. In this capacity, Paul will play a key role in educating key decision-makers on secure and scalable solutions to support digital assets and exploring the potential benefits of participating in permissioned DeFi and the secondary economy it powers.

This announcement comes on the heels of a wave of countries that have announced plans to adopt central bank digital currencies. In February, United States President, Joe Biden, signed an executive order that would direct federal agencies to look into the possible infrastructure needed to create a US CBDC due to the $3 trillion dollar in digital asset market cap as of November 2021. According to the IMF, around 100 countries are exploring CBDC projects or initiatives, including the UK, US, IndiaSingapore, and Switzerland.

“Fireblocks is the clear leader when it comes to providing secure, scalable technologies for digital asset and crypto-forward businesses,” said Varun Paul, Fireblocks’ new Director of CBDC and Market Infrastructure. “Financial innovation in CBDC, DeFi and tokenization is rapidly accelerating, and my new role at Fireblocks allows me the privilege and opportunity to work alongside some of the most forward-thinking organizations in the world as they prepare for one of the sector’s greatest transformations.”

Since launching in 2019, Fireblocks has onboarded more than 1,300 institutional customers who use its platform to secure more than $210 billion in monthly digital asset transfers. To date, Fireblocks’ technology has garnered industry recognition with awards that include Hedgeweek Europe’s  Best Custodian Innovation and Best Cyber Security Provider; Microsoft Security Trailblazer Award; and The Hottest Blockchain Startup in 2020 from the Europas.


Babel Finance issues first collateralised USDC eNoteTM based on FQX’s Solana dApp using Fireblocks custody wallets


Babel Finance, a leading global crypto financial services provider, announced today that it has successfully issued the first collateralised USDC note via eNotesTM, a smart contract-based global debt instrument, provided by blockchain start-up FQX AG on their Solana environment.

The transaction was executed using a Fireblocks custody wallet. The principal was provided by a Swiss investment firm and secured with smart contract-based collateral denominated in SOL. For the delivery-versus-payment as well as for the collateral management, FQX’s decentralised escrow programs were used. The transaction was initiated using FQX’s Telegram program.

eNotes are blockchain-based debt instruments which are recognized around the globe and can be used for a broad variety of financing purposes. By providing a legal layer for decentralised financing, FQX eNotesTM increase legal certainty and optimize the loan-to-value ratio in the massively overcollateralized DeFi space.

Via Wallet Connect’s Solana gateway to Fireblocks, Fireblocks customers will be able to sign and issue transferable debt instruments in seconds using FQX’s eNote dApp.

“Digitization has been transforming traditional asset classes for over twenty years, with tokenization being the next phase of the evolution,” said Richard Astle, Head of Switzerland & Middle East at Fireblocks. “Prolonged manual processes, limited secondary market liquidity, and mostly bilateral settlements offer a number of areas in debt markets which can be improved by blockchain and smart contracts. Through tokenization, investors are able to participate with smaller transaction sizes than traditional debt issuance, making it much more accessible to the broader market. We’re proud to support new innovations like FQX’s eNotes with Fireblocks’ technology so that more traditional assets can benefit from blockchain’s transparency, security, and speed”, he added.

This transaction marks the beginning of eNotes on Solana. This will help Babel Finance widen their funding sources. For traditional financial institutions that intend to invest in crypto assets, this innovative fixed-income crypto financial product is an investment channel with stable returns and controlled risks. “We are very excited about the launch of this innovative product and very optimistic about the market prospects for crypto note and bond products using FQX’s eNotes,” said Yulong Liu, Partner of Babel Finance. “Babel Finance will continue to leverage our strengths in product innovation and work with our partners to expand this market, ” said Yulong Liu, Partner of Babel Finance.

Benedikt Schuppli Co-CEO of FQX stated: “With eNotes on Solana, accessible via Fireblocks, we drastically reduce economic distance between borrowers and lenders in a cross-border setting and make financing overall radically easier”.


Fireblocks Raises $550 Million In Series E Funding to Become the Highest Valued Digital Asset Infrastructure Provider


Fireblocks (, the direct custody platform that supports over 800 major institutions, and powers digital asset and crypto products for today’s largest custodians, fintech, crypto exchanges, lending desks, super apps and asset management firms, has raised $550 million in Series E funding. The funding round, co-led by D1 Capital Partners and Spark Capital with participation from General AtlanticIndex VenturesMammothCapitalG (Alphabet’s independent growth fund)AltimeterIconiq Strategic PartnersCanapi Ventures, and Parafi Growth Fund represents a watershed moment for Fireblocks, bringing the company’s valuation to over $8 billion.

Adding to the support of existing investors such as Sequoia Capital, Coatue, Ribbit, Bank of New York Mellon, Paradigm, DRW Venture Capital, Tenaya Capital and SCB10x, Fireblocks has become the highest valued digital asset infrastructure provider to date. With $2 trillion in digital assets transferred, the Fireblocks’ platform now supports more than 20 blockchains and 1,000 cryptocurrencies, and is powering digital asset use cases across trading, gaming, NFTs, digital securities, and payments that will allow more businesses, web 2.0 leaders and enterprises, including all financial institutions, to participate in the digital asset economy.

The disruption of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector reached the point of no-return and over the next decade every business will become a web 3 business.  According to a recent Gartner report, one-fifth of major organizations will utilize digital currencies by 2024, indicating that the adoption of crypto by large corporations will accelerate in 2022 and beyond. In the last year alone, consumers and companies alike have become increasingly interested in innovative payment alternatives, such as Airbnb, Microsoft and AT&T. In fact, Visa’s new survey revealed that 25% of small businesses in nine countries plan to accept crypto payments in 2022.

In the last year, Fireblocks grew at an exponential pace from 150 to over 800 customers around the world, with institutions in the Asia Pacific and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions leading the way. The Fireblocks Network, which connects members to the crypto capital markets ecosystem and enables instant settlements, is used by customers such as Bank of New York Mellon, Revolut, Galaxy Digital,, BlockFi, Deribit, eToro, CoinShares, SwissBorg, 3AC, B2C2 and more. To date, Fireblocks customers have amassed $45 billion assets under custody on the platform. Additionally, with the launch of Aave Arc, Fireblocks has become the first to enable decentralized finance for institutional players.

“The adoption of cryptocurrencies across the financial and commercial sectors is going to accelerate in 2022, and Fireblocks’ mission is to be a strategic partner for these new market entrants,” said Fireblocks CEO, Michael Shaulov. “We are thrilled to be joined by the top growth investors. The new round of financing will accelerate our ability to support our clients globally, as well as heavily invest in innovation for DeFi, NFTs and payments, and allow new and established financial institutions to employ direct custody rather than relying on third parties, which will increase their competitive advantage.”

As the pioneer of MPC technology for digital assets, Fireblocks has established a secure multi-layer infrastructure that is at the heart of its platform. Along with these advancements, every business now has the capacity to accept digital assets and cryptocurrencies securely and conveniently, paving the way for all enterprises to become crypto businesses.

“Fireblocks has become a key driver of crypto market growth around the world, with an estimated 15% of daily crypto transaction volume secured through their infrastructure,” said Dan Sundheim, founder of D1, a New York based investment firm. “This new injection of capital will further enable Fireblocks to onboard the next wave of businesses into the digital asset ecosystem.”

With the continued explosion of the digital asset market in 2022, Fireblocks is determined to have an exceptional year, as they intend to continue its strategic expansion, broadening all alliances, adding to their client base and stakeholders, and tailoring their commitment to extending their ecosystem. As more consumers are requesting brands to support crypto, Fireblocks is creating opportunities for institutions that want to further acclimate their portfolios into the ecosystem.


Fireblocks Raises $133 Million in Series C Funding To Bring the World’s Biggest Banks and Fintechs Into Crypto


Fireblocks (, announced today it has raised $133 million in Series C funding led by CoatueRibbit, and Stripes with strategic investment from The Bank of New York Mellon ( “BNY Mellon”) and SVB. The completion of this round of financing, which includes participation from previous investors, including Paradigm, Galaxy Digital, Swisscom Ventures, Tenaya Capital and Cyberstarts Ventures, makes Fireblocks the most well-funded crypto infrastructure provider in the industry with a cumulative total of $179 million raised to date. With the new injection of funds from strategic investors, Fireblocks will continue to expand global resources to service the world’s biggest banks and fintechs and connect them to the entire crypto capital markets.

With bitcoin topping $1 trillion in market value, banks and fintechs around the world are faced with overwhelming demand from customers and investors to enable digital asset products and services. Now, Fireblocks will offer banks and traditional financial institutions the ability to seamlessly plug into the broader decentralized finance ecosystem and all of its market participants. Using Fireblocks’ platform, banks and fintechs can rapidly deploy custody, tokenization, asset management, trading, lending and payment solutions across public and private blockchain networks.

“Fintechs and banks require not only a specialized custody and settlement infrastructure to ensure customers funds are safely managed, but a platform that enables new lines of digital offerings,” said Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks. “While we have no plans to become a bank, we believe our infrastructure will lend itself perfectly to power an entirely new era of financial services. We are humbled to have the top VCs in Fintech, and the most important strategic partners support our mission to replatform the financial ecosystem into digital assets. Their financial backing guarantees the long term stability, technology superiority and service delivery to our exponentially growing customer base.”

Fireblocks began with serving crypto-native institutions and exchanges, and has grown over the last three years to become the first and only institutional digital asset transfer and wallet network trusted to secure more than $400 billion assets for its customers. Strategic investor, BNY Mellon, the world’s largest asset servicer, announced earlier this year their commitment to accelerate the development of enterprise solutions to service the rapidly evolving digital asset space.

“Developing products to bridge digital and traditional assets is foundational to the future of custody,” said Roman Regelman, Chief Executive Officer of Asset Servicing and Head of Digital at BNY Mellon. “Following significant due diligence and market research, we recognize Fireblocks as a market leader in providing secure technology to support digital asset services.”

“Our partnership with Fireblocks is consistent with our belief that a new financial ecosystem is emerging and that companies like Fireblocks are essential,” said Kris Fredrickson, Managing Partner at Coatue. “We have been thoroughly impressed with Fireblocks’ team, technology, and vision for the future. We believe that Fireblocks can help set a new industry standard for companies looking to participate in the digital assets industry.”

“We are standing at the cusp of the biggest transformation that the world’s financial system has ever seen,” said Micky Malka, Managing Director of Ribbit Capital. “Fireblocks is standing right at the forefront of this revolution, and we believe that their technology will play a critical role in driving tremendous innovation in the financial sector for decades to come. We are excited to join their team and help fuel their exciting journey ahead.”

“Fireblocks has built the most powerful technology stack for anyone that’s looking to get into the digital asset business,” said Ken Fox, Founder and Managing Partner of Stripes Group. “Fireblocks is leading the breakthroughs in MPC wallets, settlement network and access to DeFi and tokenization services. It has the versatility that banks and fintechs need to continue competing in this market.”