Energi Secures $50 Million Investment Commitment from GEM


Security-focused blockchain, Energi (NRG) secures Investment Commitment for $50 million. This marks an important step forward for the organization which has until now sustained itself by self-funding, rather than having launched with a pre-mine or ICO. With this investment commitment, Energi is well-positioned to continue its growth and drive the adoption of its blockchain technology.

The commitment was led by the Bahamas-based GEM Digital Limited (GEM).

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally.

Energi was launched during the bear market of mid-2018, and since then has rapidly built noteworthy technical infrastructure including innovative security protocols which disable criminal behavior, as well as multi-layer scalability. Energi is currently focused on launching their own NFT marketplace, which will be a major competitor to the likes of Opensea. While the problem of crime continues to worsen in the broader blockchain space – especially for NFTs, Energi is perfectly positioned for the market’s growth ahead.

Energi will use this new influx of capital to bolster the team behind its upcoming NFT marketplace and collections, as well as expand its other NFT-related products and services, build partnerships, and diversify its product suite.

“We are super excited to bring GEM into Energi, they are a powerful partner and will provide us enormous support for our upcoming NFT ecosystem!”.
–  Tommy Rostami, CEO

Tommy envisioned a blockchain-focused on user security and morally sound governance. His goal was to build Energi with the right foundations; being an eco-friendly blockchain with EVM-compatible smart contracts and scalable layer-2 technology built in. Under Tommy’s leadership, Energi has grown substantially, now boasting a team of over 100 talented individuals committed to bringing a safe blockchain experience to the world.

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally.

Global Emerging Markets (“GEM”) is a $3.4 billion, alternative investment group with operations in ParisNew York, and the Bahamas. GEM manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets and has completed over 530 transactions in 72 countries. Each investment vehicle has a different degree of operational control, risk-adjusted return, and liquidity profile. The family of funds and investment vehicles provide GEM and its partners with exposure to: Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities and select venture investments.


Looking Glass Labs Receives Over CAD 2.5 Million in Metaverse Land Sale Proceeds


Looking Glass Labs Ltd. (“LGL” or the “Company”) (NEO: NFTX) (FRA: H1N), a leading Web3 platform specializing in non-fungible token (“NFT“) architecture, immersive metaverse environments, play-to-earn tokenization and virtual asset royalty streams, is pleased to announce initial results from its highly anticipated Land Sale conducted by its flagship studio, House of Kibaa (“HoK“), that began on April 16, 2022 (the “Land Sale“). The Land Sale consisted of four-acre parcels of virtual land (with each parcel being a “Pocket Dimension“) within a consumer-focused area of its broader metaverse, codenamed “Project Origin” (the “Origin metaverse“).

The Company reports gross proceeds totaling approximately CAD 2.59 million from the Land Sale, which further validates the product-market fit of its premium NFT, metaverse and P2E offerings. LGL will earn 5% royalties from all secondary market re-sales of Pocket Dimensions on marketplaces such as OpenSea and LooksRare. Fiscal year to date, the Company has received the equivalent of over CAD 9.40 million in gross proceeds from the sale of its NFTs, royalty and consulting income. The sale of Pocket Dimensions was the inaugural metaverse event for LGL. In the near future, HoK plans to sell other consumer-focused metaverse assets as well as business-oriented dimensions as the Origin metaverse becomes ready for use. All unsold Pocket Dimensions will be minted and reserved by HoK as inventory for future use or sale nearer to or shortly after the alpha launch of the Origin metaverse.

Management Commentary

Dorian Banks, Chief Executive Officer of LGL said, “Generating gross proceeds of over $2.5 million for LGL by HoK in one weekend is an exciting part of our business, as many community members purchased the first of our digital metaverse assets ever to be offered for sale. In the near future, we are planning to launch an innovative new NFT collection, the details of which are expected to be announced shortly.” Mr. Banks added, “Pocket Dimensions are for the early adopters that are ready to take part in shaping the future of social metaverse environments. We’ll be rolling out more details around the metaverse launch in the coming weeks and stay tuned for announcements about the alpha launch as well.”


NewX Energy Poised to be World’s First Energy Company to Launch an NFT series


NewX Energy, a new-age energy Indonesian company based in Singapore, is leading the way in the energy space by being the first company of its kind to release a series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) collections to consumers.

NFTs have garnered significant attention as one of the most exciting and transformative technology innovations. In support of this trend, NewX Energy is taking a brave move by stepping into the untapped potential of NFT and the Metaverse world.

“At NewX Energy, we look to revolutionize the way power is transacted and managed. To realise this vision, our approach is to provide sustainable, affordable energy to the everyday consumer, especially since most of us will soon be involved in the digital transformation one way or another.

“In the spirit of this transformation, the introduction of our NFT collections is our invitation to those who envision a digital future to join us. As NFT is a tool to signify digital ownership, we seek to invite those who are invested in the future to own a part of NewX Energy in the metaverse. Owning our collection will not only provide NewX rewards to the investors, but also great concession privileges as well as joining a great community of people who are invested in the future,” said Christien New, Chairman and Founder of NewX Energy.

The NFTs will be introduced as NewX NFT, offering unique digital segments that are purchasable through the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Purchasing NewX NFT will allow owners to be involved in NewX Energy’s metaverse – a world where the provision of energy is efficient, affordable, and revolutionary. Holding a NewX NFT will also reward owners in the accumulation of NewX ‘NewNits, which, similar to dividends, have several benefits. One of the major benefits of these tokens is the ability to pay or offset all electricity bills supplied by NewX Energy amongst other benefits yet to be revealed.

To further incentivise investors, the price of a NewX NFT will increase by a minimum of 1% with every purchase. This will ensure that each NewX NFT will always increase in value.

Currently, NewX Energy is also involved in the development of an energy farm that will be able to produce clean and efficient energy. By working together with their sister company, PT Bintan Power Plant (PTBPP) for infrastructure support, NewX Energy will bring their expertise on Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a way for the company to be self-sufficient and support any energy demands, all at an affordable cost. Combined with their efforts to venture into the digital metaverse, NewX Energy is leading the way for other energy companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

To provide consumers the unique opportunity to own digital assets affordably, NewX Energy unveiled an introductory price of USD 300, available throughout the pre-sale period. “Staying true to our intention, the pre-sale price is inversely proportionate to the value of NewX NFT. Post this period, the price by valuation should start from USD10,000 for each NewX NFT – making digital ownership possible for all,” he added. The NewX NFT will soon be released on OpenSea on February 2.