Salsa steps up its Salsa Gator offering with WorldMatch partnership

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Salsa Technology has today launched a wide selection of WorldMatch’s best-selling titles on its Salsa Gator aggregator platform.

This new content agreement means Salsa Gator partners can seamlessly access an abundance of top quality casino games from WorldMatch’s memorable catalogue. Among these titles includes LatAm top-performers American Roulette, Pussycats’ Valley and Book of Pharaon video slots.

WorldMatch specialises in creating engrossing products that consistently satisfy the tastes and preferences of any player and the portfolio has grown to contain more than 200 games.

Salsa Gator is known across the Latin American region for offering a comprehensive and diverse library of casino games from tier one providers that guarantee long-term success. The addition of WorldMatch’s games offering further enhances the platform’s library.

Salsa Technology’s Head of Marketing & Sales, Eliane Nunes said: “WorldMatch’s dedication to  creating games that casino players adore makes them the perfect match for us. Welcoming WorldMatch’s titles to Salsa Gator instantly enhances our offering and we are looking forward to a successful partnership.”

Carlos Garcia Carvajal, Commercial Director Iberian & Latam at WorldMatch added: “Salsa Technology is a crucial key to the WorldMatch expansion throughout the Latam area, adding value in areas where we’re still working towards. At WorldMatch we all are delighted to start a new partnership with a well-known company who has a deep understanding of the Latam region and its customers’ needs. It is a win-win partnership that will bring positive results based on the knowledge and know-how acquired during years.”


nanocosmos expands reach of nanoStream Cloud for the Latin American region

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The German B2B real-time streaming provider nanocosmos hit the 25-year mark this year with a head start for the growing gaming and betting market in the Latin American region. nanocosmos improved scalability to Central and South America with their unique real-time streaming platform and API nanoStream Cloud. This includes the addition of new server locations alongside a comprehensive set of features to ensure the delivery of high quality and secure interactive streaming experience. In addition and as a result of the recent SRT Plugfest, content providers can benefit from a SRT protocol ingest which has been successfully tested and can be used next to the standard RTMP.

Due to the increased demand for live games to be accessible from anywhere for any device, nanoStream Cloud’s smart spectrum of features are integrated and offered end-to-end. These cover adaptive, data driven real-time streaming and rely on a strong Content Delivery Network (CDN). In addition, stream protection and reliable service have become increasingly important: Protecting streams from unauthorized access has been recently extended by the new feature nanoStream Guardian.

Adapting to market changes quickly has proved to be a critical factor for nanocosmos’ success in serving Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. Chris Strijbosch, VP business development, says “We are proudly bringing 25 years of expertise to the growing Latin American region adapting to the needs of this region with our client-focussed real-time streaming platform. Key requirements such as secure streaming, adaptive bitrate for seamless experience even in remote areas and dedicated local support in Portuguese and Spanish are covered. This is an expansion that underlines our commitment to provide cutting-edge interactive live streaming.”

nanocosmos will debut at the SiGMA America show, from 15th to 17th of June in São Paulo to showcase nanoStream Cloud at booth BR043. LatAm’s platform providers can boost their business and take advantage of the integrated features dedicated to Quality of Service and Quality of Experience: Ultra-low latency, 100% uptime based on a reliable and strong CDN (Content Delivery Network), browser-based player and advanced analytics, 24/7 service and piracy protection.


Fish Games in Latin America: a Real Catch

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With their roots in the Asian iGaming market and a long history of success in the region, fish games have now found a new wave of popularity in Latin America. Thanks to their easy-to-learn gameplay, the chance to catch a big win while playing something other than slots, these games have quickly become a favourite pastime for many LatAm players. The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, with its partner, game provider KA Gaming, have been observing their rise of popularity and are ready to cover this trend in detail in this article. 



Fish games are RNG games for online casinos. These games are based on the concept of fishing, where players use virtual fishing nets or guns to catch fish or other aquatic creatures on the screen. Each shot or reel accounts for a bet, and every fish or character has its ‘value’. When the shot hits the fish, the winning prize is awarded to the players. 

These games often have colourful graphics, lively sound effects, a variety of characters with different point values, and, consequently, the potential for big payouts. Players can win prizes by catching fish and accumulating points for this, and some games even offer bonus rounds or jackpots for particularly skilled players. 



Diving back into the history of fish games, they grew from simple arcade video games in China in the 2000s. Over time, the games became more advanced, with improved graphics, gameplay, and online connectivity, leading them into online casino portfolios. Many Asian iGaming companies now offer players a wide range of fish game options. 

KA Gaming is one of the game providers whose portfolio includes around 50 fish games. In partnership with the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, they supply these games to operators in different markets via API, including LatAm, where the demand for fish games has increased significantly during the last year.

Argentina, in particular, has emerged as a hotbed for fish games, with KA Gaming’s average number of ‘fish’ bets exceeding 8.5 million a month. This is a significant milestone, especially when compared to Asian countries where fish games have been popular for years. 

The popularity of this game type has also spread to other countries in the region, including Brazil, Chile, and Peru. As players across Latin America continue to discover the excitement and potential rewards of fish games, likely, the popularity of these games will only continue to grow.

Mei Tu, Director of Sales and Marketing at KA Gaming, comments: “We are thrilled by the potential for growth that the Latin American market represents for fish games. With an assumed room for growth in this region, the numbers we see from Argentina are auspicious. While fish games have been popular in Asian countries for many years and have already gained a regular audience, the average monthly spins range from 12 to 25 million. In contrast, the figure of 8.5 million spins per month in Argentina alone is an excellent result, especially considering that fish games have only been gaining popularity for the past year and that slot games remain the most preferred option in the region. We’re excited to see how the popularity of fish games will continue to grow in LatAm and beyond.”



So why have fish games become so popular in LatAm? There are several reasons for this trend. For one, they are easy to learn and play, with simple controls and fast-paced gameplay that keeps players engaged. Additionally, fish games are known for their high payouts, which can attract both casual and serious players alike.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, has also noted that the easy entry threshold, allowing players to place small bets and still win, is a major factor driving the popularity of fish games in LatAm. 

“The trend we’re seeing among players in this region is to place small but regular bets, which sets them apart from players in other regions. Fish games have a high probability of winning due to the ‘frequent catches’ and low betting options.”

Additionally, Tatyana notes that players in LatAm prefer to place bets using mobile devices. Since many fish games offered by operators and gaming providers are mobile-friendly, this is convenient for players in the region, contributing to the increasing popularity of these games.

KA Gaming also highlights the reasons for the rising popularity of fish games in LatAm. Among them, there are the following:

  • Fish games have the element of player interaction in the same rooms (usually 4–6) as they compete to ‘hunt the big fish for big rewards, creating much excitement for the players

  • There are multiple stages of the game, such as the “big boss” stage, where the players expect big wins once they successfully ‘reel in the ‘big boss’

  • The dynamic movement of the fishes and other characters on the screen, the fast pace of the fish hunt coupled with colourful visuals provide a great gamification experience for players

  • In addition, the gameplay learning curve is low compared to other games. KA Gaming usually sets the minimum bet lower than a typical slot game, making it easy for players to dive into the game

Summing up the above, Mei Tu adds: “Good games will always be good, regardless of culture and geography. Fish games’ exciting and engaging nature attracts players seeking a unique experience. Physical table fish games have already proven popular in North America, so we believe that with proper exposure and availability in the LatAm market, fish games will also gain popularity. It may take some players a warm-up or educational period, but it will also attract new players to iGaming who originally enjoyed arcade games.”

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and KA Gaming have joined forces to provide top-notch content to operators in various regions, including supplying fish and hunting games to online casinos in LatAm. KA Gaming’s fish games, such as KA Fish Hunter, Poseidon’s Secret, Golden Dragon, Three Head Dragon, and Happy Food Hunter, are among the most popular titles among LatAm players in the content hub’s portfolio.

Tatyana Kaminskaya says: “We will continue to monitor the increasing popularity of fish games in LatAm. We recognise the potential for growth in this region beyond, and recommend operators to add this type of games to their online casinos The surge in popularity of certain game types reinforces this belief. Our portfolio boasts over 16,000 games available to LatAm clients, complete with API integration, exceptional service, and a range of tools that boost player engagement rates in online casinos. Notably, our recently launched Tournament Tool has already been tried out by several clients and has shown great promise.”


Fish Games in LatAm: SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and KA Gaming Analyse New Trends

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Fish games are gaining traction in LatAm, according to SOFTSWISS experts. The tech solutions developer has summarised the preliminary results of the research conducted in cooperation with game provider KA Gaming to find that the average number of ‘fish’ spins exceeds 8.5 million per month in Argentina alone.

Fish games are RNG shooting games based on fishing concepts, where players use virtual fishing nets or guns to catch fish or other aquatic creatures on the screen. Originally from Asia, these online casino games have earned popularity due to their easy-to-learn gameplay, high payouts, and colourful graphics.

In LatAm, these games are particularly favoured in Argentina, where the average number of ‘fish’ spins exceeds 8.5 million a month, as reported by KA Gaming.

Mei Tu, Director of Sales and Marketing at KA Gaming, comments:It took Argentina about twelve months to show the results some Asian countries had been chasing for years now the LatAm fish game leader accounts for one-third of the all-Asian statistics. Moreover, the novelty is rapidly spreading in Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Reflecting on the reasons behind the fish games’ rising, Gregory Penkov, Head of Sales at SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, notes that the possibility to place small bets and still win is a major factor boosting the interest in fish games in LatAm. 

“Players in this region prefer making small but regular bets, which sets them apart from players in other regions. Fish games offer high odds of winning at small bet amounts, which makes them even more attractive. And since the local audience prefers betting on the go, the fact that most fish games are mobile-friendly helps them score additional points,” comments Gregory.

Mr Penkov also adds that by partnering with game providers, aggregation platforms become able to quickly respond to operator demands and add in-demand content to their portfolios. The joint research of the market needs for various games conducted by the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and KA Gaming is a result of such a partnership.

The SOFTSWISS content hub currently offers around 40 fish games, most of which are developed by KA Gaming and available via API. 



SOFTSWISS is an international iGaming company supplying certified software solutions for managing gambling operations. The expert team, which counts 1,400 employees, is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia, and Belarus.  SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licences and provides one-stop-shop iGaming software solutions. The company has a vast product portfolio, including the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.


Digital Solutions Provider Tianyu Eyes European Payments Market in 2023


Tianyu Information (300205.SZ), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart payment terminals, aims to grow its presence in the European market following the company’s successful participation in the world’s leading retail trade fair, EuroShop, that took place between February 26 and March 2 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

“We are pleased to meet our partners at the exhibition and discuss our business plans for 2023 in Europe, as well as other regions such as Asia Pacific, MEA, North America, and Latin America,” said David Liu, VP of International Business Division at Tianyu. “Through our extensive network of regional service centers and global marketing channels, we are confident to provide excellent value and unparalleled support to help our customers achieve their goals.”

Tianyu was in the world’s Top 4 smart payment terminal players globally by market share, per a 2022 Nilson report. The company’s global expansion efforts are expected to yield full-year earnings of $9m to $13m in 2022, up to 163% YoY. The company’s growth growth is driven by enhanced supply chain management and a dual-driven domestic and international development strategy, boosting sales and revenue for its smart card and intelligent payment terminal offerings.

In addition, Tianyu also expanded its business footprint into products and solutions covering communications, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and more. The company offers a range of communications solutions, including eSIM solutions and telecom products such as SIM cards, Mobile Wi-Fi, Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Passive Optical Network (PON).

The company’s main business includes services and products for the financial industry, intelligent payment terminals, and the IoT. The financial industry unit is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of financial IC cards as well as other smart card products and e-CNY products.


PopOK Gaming and Salsa Technology collaborate to deliver high-quality gaming experience

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PopOK Gaming announced its new partnership with Salsa Technology, a leading B2B provider of customised iGaming solutions in Latin America and Europe.

The integrated pack includes PopOK Gaming’s popular titles like Yummy, Hot Muchacho, Crazy Poki and others. Each promises eye-popping visuals, dynamic animations, pleasing sound effects and more.

Salsa Technology’s Head of Marketing & Sales, Eliane Nunes said: “We love the dedication PopOK Gaming places on designing games that combine slick design, engaging features, and excitement. This definitely promises to be a great partnership for both parties.”

Combining PopOK Gaming’s expertise in game development with Salsa Technology’s cutting-edge platform, this collaboration promises to bring the ultimate gaming experience to fans of iGaming.

“We are excited to partner with Salsa Technology,” said Luiza Melikyan, Business Development Executive at PopOK Gaming. “This partnership will give us greater reach and offer a wider audience high-quality gaming content. We are confident that our collaboration will result in truly exceptional gameplay for players.”


Vibra Gaming expands global reach with Groove

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Leading LatAm content and software services provider integrates content portfolio to Groove network to access multiple regulated markets

Vibra Gaming, the go-to games, and platform developer for the LatAm region, has partnered with aggregation and platform specialists Groove to further its global reach across a multitude of regulated markets.

Vibra’s best performing bingo and table games, slots and branded casino slots, classics and content compatible with lottery providers will be added to an extensive library of games curated on Groove’s GroovePlay platform. This includes Vibra’s portfolio of highly successful localised games including Piggy Cash, Mystic Joker, Wild Gems, Quake, Patagonia Wild, Fruity 7, Condorito and Popeye, among others.

Groove’s twin pillars of turnkey (GrooveOn) and aggregation (GroovePlay) are supported by one of the best technical teams in the industry.

GroovePlay adds more than 100 new games every month thanks to a diverse group of carefully selected game partners such as Vibra Gaming. Due to its attractive value proposition, Groove has been able to establish itself as a benchmark for an operator cluster that includes tier one operators and beyond.

Earlier this month Vibra Gaming claimed the Silver award at SBC Latinoamerica Awards 2022 adding to last year’s SBC LatAm Rising Star in Sports Betting & Casino award.

The Silver prize was awarded for its unique ‘Scratch-a-lot’ product based on instant lottery mechanics. This enables players to experience the adrenaline of the ‘scratch and win’ concept while also enjoying the entertainment of slots in jurisdictions that allow lottery products.

Vibra Gaming has emerged as one of the industry’s most exciting and innovative content studios and aligns with Groove’s mission to help player-focused iGaming operators ‘find their groove’ by accessing trailblazing end-to-end platforms, expertise, and personalised support to create engaging and valuable user experiences.

This year, Groove marks six years of providing operators with its leading turnkey and aggregation services and continues to strengthen partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, including payment processors, automated KYC, affiliate networks, AI, and the finest game developers in the world.

Ramiro Atucha, CEO, Vibra Gaming, said: “We are thrilled to work with Groove. This is a fantastic opportunity for Vibra Gaming to further increase our potential across a multitude of mature, developing, and emerging markets via a dynamic ecosystem of operators and casino brands clustered around Groove.”

Yahale Meltzer, COO and co-founder at Groove, added: “The iGaming industry in LatAm is rapidly expanding and, as one of the industry’s pioneers, we are dedicated to providing our operator cluster with the widest possible selection of proven, best performing games. We are delighted to integrate Vibra’s portfolio and make it available to our customers for the first time. Vibra’s leading position in LatAm is a positive strategic component that will drive further growth across this growing region.”


UK’s best student VALORANT teams to battle at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere for Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final Qualification

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As part of Red Bull Campus Clutch, the largest global VALORANT competition for students, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere London is set to host the UK Finals on Sunday 20th November, which will see four teams battle it out for a place at the Grand Finals in Brazil. The Finals will be streamed on the Goose House, hosted by Matt ‘Twiggy’ Twigg and Vicki “Gottmoxi” Johnson.

Red Bull Campus Clutch gives student VALORANT players an opportunity to compete on a world stage, in one of the most exciting games to watch in esports. Open to all college and university students worldwide, players can represent their campus and put their skills on display, with the chance to play on the global stage.

Over 80 competing student teams from across the UK have been whittled down to just four for the LAN semi-final stage, with the final UK winner invited to compete in the World Final competition phase and compete for a grand prize of €20,000.

  • Red Bull Campus Clutch is a global 5v5 VALORANT tournament, open to university students from over 50 countries.
  • In the UK, over 400 players in 81 teams have battled across regional qualifying rounds to reach the UK Final, with four qualifying winners earning a place at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London for the LAN Finals.
  • The four qualifying winners – Just Essentials, Last Dance, Birmingham Bulls and Casa Norturna – will battle in a best-of-three format at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, in a North and South semi-final before a final showdown, with the eventual UK winner earning their spot in December’s Red Bull Campus Clutch Grand Finals in Brazil.
  • Giving wiiings to student gamers across the UK, Red Bull and National Express also toured Bristol, Edinburgh and Warwick university campuses to offer students a pop-up VALORANT experience. The VALORANT shooting range test challenged students at each university to set high scores, with each winner winning two tickets to December’s Red Bull Home Ground in Manchester, including complimentary National Express travel and hotels.
  • National Express is the official UK public transport partner for Red Bull Campus Clutch. As the UK’s number one coach company National Express is helping qualifying competitors travel to the UK final by offering free travel on its UK network.
  • Several global partners are supporting Red Bull Campus Clutch this year, helping bring the latest and greatest hardware to competitors. Intel NUC, SteelSeries and AGON by AOC all return to the tournament. As PC Partner, Intel NUC, renowned for packing high-powered gaming rigs in small form factors, will support with their top-notch Gaming PCs. SteelSeries, the worldwide leader in gaming and esports peripherals, is the official Peripheral brand of Red Bull Campus Clutch and will equip students with award-winning gaming headsets, keyboards, and mice. And the official Monitor Partner, AGON by AOC will once again provide high-performance gaming monitors for the event

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Integrates With Barbara Bang

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SOFTSWISS, an innovative software provider for the iGaming industry, is integrating with Barbara Bang, a young and ambitious, but already well-established, market player. With this new integration, the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator continues to consolidate its position in Latin America.

Barbara Bang is a game provider established in 2021. The promising company has an experienced team that creates products to entertain players in Europe, LatAm, and other regions. Through the new partnership, the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator will enrich its ever-expanding game portfolio by integrating an impressive collection of more than 30 titles. The crypto-friendly game provider supports 100+ world currencies, is multilingual, and offers local solutions for specific countries. Barbara Bang provides such benefits as freespins, tournament tools, buy-in bonuses, in-game jackpots, and a flexible back office with detailed statistics.

This integration is the next step in the SOFTSWISS’ growth strategy as it continues to expand its footprint to new markets and reinforce its product portfolio. Barbara Bang games will be available to operators working with the Curacao gaming licence.

Nikita Keino, Partner Managers Team Lead at SOFTSWISS, comments on the integration: “We are delighted that Barbara Bang is becoming a SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator’s partner. This cooperation will expand the game content options available to our clients. SOFTSWISS team is doing its best to offer top-notch winning solutions to help our partners unlock new business opportunities and deliver exciting gaming experiences to players. Breaking new ground is always challenging and exciting, but I am confident that SOFTSWISS will make it big.”

Christina Mirnaia, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Barbara Bang, comments: “We are excited to partner with SOFTSWISS and have our high-quality modern products integrated in its global content portfolio. This deal marks a new milestone for Barbara Bang’s expansion in Europe and LatAm. We are confident that players will enjoy our exciting games and appreciate our offering with a great variety of entertainment tools, including the unique and unforgettable 500,000 EUR Big Bang tournament.”

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is a content hub for online gaming and sports betting brands, which was recognised as the Best Aggregator Platform of the Year (2022) according to the EGR B2B Awards. Recently, the Game Aggregator has announced a cross-product integration with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.



SOFTSWISS is an international iGaming company supplying certified software solutions for managing gambling operations. The expert team, which counts 1,400+ employees, is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia, and Belarus.  SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licences and provides one-stop-shop iGaming software solutions. The company has a vast product portfolio, including the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution.


BetConstruct Delivers Harmony Across Product Line at ICE 2022

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It’s been 2 years since the most prominent igaming family reunion happened. Now, when the wait is over at last, it only seems fitting to step into Excel London for ICE 2022 promoting excellence, innovation, trust and, of course, the much needed harmony.

This time, as BetConstruct’s burgeoning portfolio expands, the company needed to make a statement on how each product fits its composite universe and, like individual musical instruments in an orchestra, sounds harmonious for every business.

Spring Platform, the juggernaut that powers the extensive suite of BetConstruct products and 200+ third party integrations, provides all the necessary tools for an operator to manage their business. Aiding that is SpingBME console, an industry-changing igaming ecosystem allowing operators to create websites, integrate APIs, enable products and order every sort of igaming related services, be it legal, financial or marketing.

At peak pandemic times BetConstruct managed to take its core products to the next level. The sports betting scope with 120+ event types including virtuals and Esports, even at quietest times, offers a wide range of betting options backed with data from live scouting team, bespoke odds from dedicated traders and video streaming for an added engagement.

Gaming-wise, it’s a stable routine for BetConstruct to introduce more slots, bet-on and skill games. But it’s Live Casino that really stood out during the recent years. It has grown big and strong enough to debut at ICE as a separate brand called CreedRoomz. With new show games, frequent promotions and solutions like dedicated game development and hall construction, CreedRoomz comes as an ultimate partner to start a live casino business with.

A statement of no less importance than the message of Harmony is BetConstruct’s new campaign for Africa. The bold What’s Yours is Yours slogan reflects the overall company philosophy of giving total freedom of choice to operators. In the African continent BetConstruct will continue unearthing potential for unexpected opportunities while bringing a tailored A to Z platform to the market.

BetConstruct will be exhibiting its complete igaming platform and additional gaming and sports betting solutions at Stand S3-110 during ICE London on April 12-14.