OpenBet Smashes Betting Volumes And Stakes At World Cup 2022 With Record-Breaking Performance And Flawless Uptime

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OpenBet’s customers processed more than 200 million bets across all channels at this year’s World Cup, with more than $2 billion wagered during the month-long tournament. The betting activity demonstrated a 13% increase in bets compared to the 2018 World Cup, solidifying  OpenBet’s position as a world leader in delivering the very best in sports betting entertainment during the globe’s biggest sporting events.

The 2022 World Cup has been marked by a high level of engagement, with practically every region of the world represented for the majority of the tournament. This was reflected in record viewing figures, with FIFA estimating that more than 1.5 billion people, 20% of the world’s population, watched the final. Furthermore, the thrilling nature of the game led to a boost of in-play activity – around a third of bets and nearly half of stakes were in-play for the final, representing a significant increase on the figures typically seen.


Jordan Levin, CEO at OpenBet, said: “This year’s World Cup has been a record-breaker in terms of engagement, and we are thrilled to have provided operators and bettors with an experience to match the sporting spectacle displayed in Qatar.

“Alongside a strong performance in Europe, the growth we have seen in North American markets demonstrates our ability to cater to these rapidly regulating jurisdictions, and this also puts us in good stead for the 2026 World Cup, set to be held in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

“The massive figures are further evidence that OpenBet is the partner of choice to deliver on the biggest sporting stages with the scale and reliability to fuel memorable betting experiences.”



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Spotlight Sports Group (SSG), a world-leading technology, content and media company, has developed 11 individual content hubs in seven different languages to provide its customers with actionable betting insights throughout the World Cup.


In the past year, Spotlight Sports Group has provided a wide range of clients with content hubs seamlessly integrated into an operator sportsbook for a premium content experience for sports bettors.


The success of previous executions has led to the World Cup hubs being in high demand. Spotlight Sports Group is supplying World Cup content hubs to top tier betting operators in multiple languages, including the dynamic sports betting company, BetKing and 888 Holdings’ (LSE:888) innovative, cutting edge sportsbook, 888sport. The sites themselves are integrated into the various sportsbooks and come with high engagement and localised content built to inform World Cup bettors throughout the tournament.


Built with live odds integration and add-to-betslip functionality the content hubs ensure a seamless user experience and create a true one-stop shop experience for all sports bettors that visit the websites.


Discussing the ability of the content hubs, Spotlight Sports Group B2B Sales Director, Rob Black said: “We know that sportsbooks want to engage their audiences with top quality content. Unfortunately, the wider technical demands of their businesses often get in the way. Leveraging our ability to produce betting-relevant content in any language and for any sport, coupled with our ability to deliver a technical solution allows our partners to provide their audiences with high quality user experiences at a key time during the World Cup.”


Chris Mckenzie, Sportsbook Commercial Director at 888sport said: “For the World Cup we wanted to enhance our product and content for players in the UK and Spain. The ability of Spotlight Sports Group to create content hubs specifically for those audiences allowed us to provide our consumers with rich content that will help provide a truly unique and differentiated experience.”


Adim Isiakpona, Chief Operating Officer of BetKing Nigeria said: “As we prepared for the World Cup, we felt it necessary to provide our audience with high-quality and actionable sports betting content to inform their betting decisions. With this objective in mind, we knew that Spotlight Sports Group could deliver the content we wanted to provide our audiences with and deliver it in a timely manner to provide a top tier experience.”


Spotlight Sports Group content teams are creating bespoke editorial content to preview groups, key markets and individual games. The clients also retain the ability to upload their own content and to promote offers and banners via the content management system throughout the World Cup.



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Brazil wins the World Cup and Harry Kane the top scorer of the tournament, at least according to Betsson’s odds prior to the World Cup in Qatar. However, most bets are on the neighbouring country Argentina to win the world cup for the third time. Swedish players differ from the rest of the world, where instead Germany is the favourite team to bet on and Denmark stands out as the fourth most played team to win.

Ahead of the Football World Cup, the betting company Betsson has compiled statistics from over 20 countries in which the company operates in. Most bets are on the classic football nations – Brazil, Argentina, France and Germany. Close to 80% of the players have put their money on these four countries.

If the odds are correct, Harry Kane will be the tournament’s top scorer, but most bets are on Messi, followed by Neymar and Lautaro Martinez. England’s striker Kane is to be found on fourth place in terms of number of bets played.


Argentina: 40%
Brazil: 25%
France: 9.5%
Germany: 4.7%
England: 4.2%
Portugal: 4.5%
Denmark: 3%
Uruguay: 2,9%
Netherlands: 2,1%
Belgium: 2%


Lionel Messi: 23%
Neymar: 12%
Lautaro Martinez: 8%
Kylian Mbappé: 7%
Harry Kane: 7%
Richarlison: 7%
Memphis Depay: 6%
Karim Benzema: 5%
Cristiano Ronaldo: 4%
Robert Lewandowski 1.5%