Pixel Federation’s Revenues Soar to €47.6M

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Pixel Federation’s revenues shatters anticipated budgets for 2020 by 120%

Pixel Federation, a Slovakian-based games developer entering its 14th year, has had an incredibly successful year of growth. In a year filled with uncertainty across every industry, Pixel Federation managed to surpass its own expectations with overall revenues of more than €47M. With all time favourite game Diggy’s Adventure proving the most successful alongside rising star TrainStation, Pixel Federation’s games remained firm favourites amongst the dedicated community, setting it in good stead for its entrance into the Chinese market in Q1 2021.

In globally difficult times, with the pandemic creating uncertainty across industries, Pixel Federation managed to increase its annual revenue over 52% in 2020 compared to 2019. A huge part of Pixel Federation’s success is the continued popularity and growth of its community based games. Securing a staggering 24 million new users to its games in 2020 alone, Pixel Federation has seen success through both new game development as well as longer term classics – ‘TrainStation’ reached an incredible milestone celebrating its 10th anniversary on the market and still has a massive 400,000 monthly active user rate.

A fundamental influence on Pixel Federation’s games is the users themselves, creating a community that sets Pixel Federation apart in a league of its own. Attaining such a dedicated and involved community has created an authentic user-developer conversation ensuring every game created is exactly what all 120 million players desire. With €12M revenue driven from just one game by the end of 2020 (TrainStation 2) there is little doubt that Pixel Federation’s understanding of its players is successfully reflected back through revenue and growth.

‘2020 has no doubt been a very challenging year for everyone internationally and we are so pleased that our games managed to provide a sense of togetherness and community during a time of extended isolation,’ says Lucia Sickova, Pixel Federation’s Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer. ‘Our dedicated teams continued to work hard throughout the global upheaval and we are eternally grateful to our community of players who continued supporting us, allowing us to continue creating for them.’

Pixel Federation’s humble beginnings have not stood in the way of its growth and success. Starting out with four co-founders at the helm and minimal financial funding, the Pixel Federation team had a vision, grit and determination which has taken the company from strength to strength. Developing games that are built to last, Pixel Federation drives a deep and authentic connection between the players and the game developers. 2020 saw Diggy’s Adventure celebrate its 8th anniversary with new features resulting in a staggering €21.4M revenue. A success story that is reflected across all of Pixel Federation’s top games.

But success for Pixel Federation does not stop there. With community at the core, Pixel Federation invests just as much in its people and the wider community as it does in its players.


Covid Measures 

The pandemic threw many businesses off course, but for Pixel Federation, the path to help the country stood out in front of them. Just days into the turmoil, Pixel Federation’s senior team teamed up with Slovakian health experts and volunteers to create a platform offering direct financial and material resources towards paramedics, healthcare facilities and front line workers.

‘It was never a question of whether we could help out the country, but simply how. We have managed to give back during these unprecedented times, fundraising over €1.4M via our platform “Who will help Slovakia”, providing protective equipment to over 1,800 individuals. I am proud that everyone at Pixel Federation strove to play their part in fighting this pandemic.’ says Lucia.

2020 saw Pixel Federation grow exponentially in revenue and game output, but it has retained its small business ethos of community, authenticity, and connection, internally and externally. Its drive to help the country through the pandemic, with a community of dedicated players, highlights Pixel Federation’s commitment to individuals as well as its country and wider community. This is a games developing studio creating games from players to players, learning and pursuing what its market demands and desires to take the company from strength to strength and overcoming any challenge. 2021 will be no different.


Evoplay burnishes German market credentials with PlayPearls

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Supplier gears up for newly-regulated territory with fast-growing platform provider

Game developer Evoplay has announced an agreement to provide the dynamic platform provider PlayPearls with its content.

The deal allows PlayPearls to benefit from exclusive access to the casino content studio’s high-tech titles within the German market, including widely popular hits such as Hot 777, Midnight Show and Ice Mania.

Under the agreement, a selection of more than 50 slot titles and 12 instant games drawn from Evoplay’s coveted collection will be distributed across the platform provider’s extensive partnership network.

Evoplay’s German market debut follows a hugely successful period for the supplier, which has continued to strengthen its award-winning product suite with a range of acclaimed additions, as well as completing comprehensive commercial deals with a string of prominent partners.

Commenting on the agreement, Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay CCO, said: “We’re thrilled to team up with PlayPearls, a rapidly expanding platform provider based in one of the world’s most promising markets.

“We’ve made an impressive start to 2021, generating strong momentum with a range of key deals and operator partnerships. Agreements such as this are integral to that success, and we look forward to working with the team at PlayPearls.”

Uwe Küstner, Public Relations Manager at Paypearls, said: “It’s fantastic to integrate Evoplay’s award-winning suite of titles, which we have no doubt will prove popular with players in the German market.

“We can’t wait to continue attracting new customers with an action-packed offering of unrivalled quality, and this comprehensive content deal is key to that endeavour.”

Evoplay has earned accolades from throughout the world of iGaming for its distinctive approach to game development and next-generation portfolio of award-winning slot, table and instant games.

Last year, the supplier continued to extend its global reach with partnerships signed in the UK, Croatia, Malta, Bulgaria and Romania over the Christmas period.


Blacknut and A1 Austria, a subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria Group, partners to bring cloud gaming service with more than 500 family-friendly games

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Blacknut and A1 Austria have struck a partnership to bring over 500 games to its customers in Austria

Paris, 6th of April, 2021 – Cloud-gaming specialist Blacknut has partnered with Austria’s leading communications provider A1, to facilitate cloud gaming access to its 5 million-plus subscribers. A1 will also enable all its subscribers to benefit from a special price.

The cloud gaming service will now integrate an option to subscribe directly to Blacknut’s Android mobile application with the carrier direct billing and facilitate access to all A1’s consumers to +500 family-friendly premium games.

This new service is already available, and A1 customers can sign up via the A1 mobile app, with a special offer A1 Telekom Austria subscribers will benefit from a monthly fee of 9.99€/month, directly included in their monthly bill. With games across all genres including adventure, simulation, strategy, RPG and more, A1’s customers will access the whole experience.

Launched in 2018, Blacknut’s cloud gaming service is available directly to gamers in 40 countries. Blacknut enables ISPs, device manufacturers, OTT services and media companies to quickly launch their own streaming games services. Blacknut is already powering cloud gaming services for telecom operators such as Telecom Italia (Italy), Swisscom (Switzerland), and POST (Luxembourg), amongst others.

“Our new partnership with A1 in Austria shows again how cloud gaming is near the top of the agenda for mobile operators,” said Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut. “Latest cloud technology finally gives us the speeds and low latency to fulfil the promise of cloud gaming, delivering a quality experience wherever you are. The team of A1 really grasped the potential for gaming as a new service opportunity, and we look forward to working together to make this launch a success.”


German Gambling Legislation Gains Enough Support for Implementation

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The state parliaments in Schleswig-Holstein and Sachsen have signed off Germany’s new gambling treaty, meaning that 13 of the country’s 16 states have now ratified the new legislation.

The latest ratifications take Germany’s new interstate gambling treaty closer to implementation after several periods of delay since it needed the ratification of at least 13 states to be implemented.

The treaty was already ratified by Germany’s state Minister-Presidents in November 2020, and the country has already begun a transition period, allowing previously unlicensed gaming operators to conduct business in the country under the future regulations.

Sachsen, one of the latest three states to ratify the treaty, is also due to host a federal regulatory authority for gambling, but it is expected that will take two years to come into operation.

The ratification of the treaty by Schleswig Holstein, meanwhile, ends that state’s more liberal regulatory gambling framework in order to join the new federal agreement.

It had broken away from Germany’s other states in 2012 to launch its own regulatory regime covering online casino gaming. Its own regulations were less restrictive than those that will now be implemented at the federal level, since it had no limits on online casino.

The new interstate treaty will enforce a €1 per spin stake limit on slots and a mandatory five-second average spin speed. Table games will be separated from slots, with states allowed to grant lotteries a monopoly over the product.


TVBET teams up with the Polish bookmaker Fuksiarz

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The B2B provider of live games TVBET expands its presence in Poland. The innovative supplier has now merged with Polish bookmaker Fuksiarz and two of their popular live games are already available on the bookmaker’s website for players to enjoy.

TVBET is committed to its strategy of expanding into the global iGaming market. The provider has entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with well-known Polish firm Fuksiarz, whose main offer is live sports betting. But as a result of the new partnership, clients of Fuksiarz may now indulge in the lottery and card games offered by TVBET.

Two games, namely PokerBet and 21Bet, are currently live and operational for Fuksiarz’s clients.

● PokerBet: A popular online game for bookmakers based on the well-known rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. During the game there are five rounds on which players may place bets: Initial Bet, Pre-flop, Flop, Turn and River.
● 21Bet (or Black Jack): One of the most popular card games in the world. The attraction of this game is the simplicity of the rules. Two conditional players must score closest to 21, just like in regular Blackjack.

Traditionally, all TVBET content is broadcast around the world from a single location, the modern TVBET studio located in Warsaw, Poland. It is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of employees, namely TV presenters or technical staff, are Polish. As a result, TVBET believes that Fuksiarz customers will be even more loyal to the product.

Radosław Baran, COO at Fuksiarz.pl : “We are very excited to team up with TVBET. Their products are well recognized in the industry. TVBET is acknowledged for delivering high quality live-streamed content that has proven to be very popular with players. At Fuksiarz.pl we focus on providing the users the best possible offer and adding TVBET’s products to our platform diversifies our portfolio and improves the user experience.”

VBET CEO Peter Korpusenko stated, “The Polish iGaming market is familiar to us and we already have many partnerships in the region. And we are happy to enter into more and more partnerships here and strengthen our positions in the region. We believe that cooperation with Fuksiarz will help us achieve our goals, and will be productive and fruitful for both sides.”

The partnership with TVBET will allow the bookmaker to diversify its portfolio and attract a stream of new clients interested in betting on live games. While for TVBET, this is another step towards expanding its boundaries.


BIG Clan partners with Streamcoi to monetise and grow its live streaming business

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Berlin International Gaming, based in Germany, is one of the leading esports teams in the world. In addition to their successes in esports, they nurture streamers. Their network consists of 25 streamers – both professional players who stream during breaks from official matches, and content creators focused on live streaming. Sponsorship livestreaming campaigns are an integral part of BIG’s partnerships. Especially in times without offline events, streams are a crucial place where their fans gather and the organisation can fulfil sponsorship commitments.

To automate streamer management and monetise live streaming more effectively, BIG has entered into a partnership with Streamcoi, streamer management platform. Using one dashboard, the platform facilitates the display of innovative animated campaigns and messages on the screen on multiple streams simultaneously. It also measures accurate statistics for individual streamers as well as the whole network to use the full potential of a livestreaming network. One of the aims of the partnership is also to alleviate the workload of professional players. With Streamcoi, after a quick one-time setup, the streamer does not have to do anything – everything is taken care of by the managers.

“Live streaming is an increasingly important part of our brand and advertising strategy. We see the high value for our partners and BIG as a brand. It is therefore only logical that we expand our streaming activities even more in the future. Streamcoi enables us to track all channels and effectively manage campaigns. The broadcasting of effective advertising concepts, e.g., via interactive animations, is greatly facilitated. This allows us to create reports much faster and more transparently and optimize the results with our streamers and
partners. Streamcoi has become an integral part of our daily work routine.” – Daniel Finkler, CEO at BIG

“Working with BIG is a true partnership where we not only create a product for them but together with them. Through feedback and the implementation of BIG’s innovative campaigns, Streamcoi can change the face of live streaming in many organisations around the world. With a strong relationship with esports, we create campaigns that are appreciated by viewers, partners and most importantly streamers. – Jakub Janaszek, Brand Manager at Streamcoi

How BIG automated 7 sponsor campaigns across 25 streams

Although Streamcoi is currently used by dozens of teams, agencies and tournament organisers, BIG was one of the first users on the platform. Over the past year, they have promoted their merchandise and executed campaigns for SkinBaron, Backforce, OMEN, Betway, Volvic, FaceIT while collecting accurate reports for each partner and generating hundreds of thousands of impressions and clicks for each. One example of innovative partner placement while bringing value to fans is the ongoing campaign for language learning platform Babbel. A moving animation interacts with the audience by asking them questions, while at the same time fans can receive discount codes in a chat message.


Austria to Establish New Gambling Authority

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Gernot Blümel, the Finance Minister of Austria, has announced a wide-ranging overhaul of the country’s gambling regulatory framework, that will see player protection controls ramped up, new transparency requirements introduced, and a new supervisory authority formed.

The Austrian Treasury is currently responsible for licensing and enforcement of gambling regulations, but the new authority will take charge of these duties.

Blümel said that the key focus of this new regulator will be player protection, necessitating a series of new controls on legal and illegal gambling.

“Player protection is of particular importance, as gambling is a very sensitive area for players, their families and for society, which also carries considerable risks,” he explained.

“Players are often affected by addiction and as a consequence confronted with financial, psychological and existential issues.”

As a result, the regulator will be tasked with establishing a national self-exclusion system covering online and land-based gambling.

It will also be expected to step up enforcement activity against unlicensed operators and will have the power to order internet service providers to block access to these sites.



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Publisher and global sports business agency hereby focus on Esports and authentic in-game brand integrations

GIANTS Software and SPORTFIVE today announce a purposeful marketing partnership, which focuses on the gaming brand Farming Simulator and aims to enhance the related Esports universe and the authenticity of the game environment via the realistic in-game integration of brands.

In trusting the Esports know-how and commercial experience of SPORTFIVE, GIANTS Software further accelerates the marketing activities for its competitive Esports series Farming Simulator League. The global sports business agency SPORTFIVE hereby adds a truly valuable element to its portfolio that highlights the immense potential in regard to in-game advertising possibilities. These integrations offer an authentic way for a variety of brands to get involved with Esports, especially for rather traditional brands that have never had contact with the Esports cosmos before. At the same time, this provides unique access to a new, large and additional target group within the Esports landscape.

The video games series Farming Simulator is the most popular gaming title from developer and publisher GIANTS Software. The game series is a global phenomenon and available on all popular platforms including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Since 2008, over 25 million versions of Farming Simulator have been sold worldwide on PC and console alone.

SPORTFIVE now is supporting GIANTS Software in the acquisition of new partners in selected areas. The Farming Simulator world offers an attractive variety of authentic integration possibilities for brands: From becoming a partner of the professional Esports series Farming Simulator League, over in-game advertising via geo-targeted billboards to usable in-game content, i.e. stores, working equipment or vehicles.

Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software, explains: “We’re delighted to reach this agreement with such an experienced marketer. It will become the origin of further immersion into our vast maps. I already envision many larger additions and even tiny details, and all together will bring our family-friendly world to life and will add authenticity to the overall simulation experience.”

Thomas Ottl, Executive Director Global Esports at SPORTFIVE, adds: “We are truly excited for this partnership, which is strongly designed to enhance the gaming experience for the family-friendly and international fan base of Farming simulator. The innovative in-game integrations are an authentic way for brands to get in touch with a diverse and large target group and with these integrations, the game will be even more like reality. We cannot wait to get to work!”


BtoBet’s Report Highlights Potential of iGaming Industry in Poland

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According to BtoBet’s latest Industry Report, Poland has the potential to become one of the most relevant gaming markets on the European front. The report makes an in-depth analysis of what characterised its growth in the past few years.

The Report “Poland Betting Focus” provides detailed insights on betting psychographics, market characteristics, exponential growth of esports in Poland, Legislative overview and detailed breakdown of internet, smartphone and social media factors with year-on-year increase indications.

The report also makes an in-depth analysis of how operators can increase their market share by adapting their betting experience to the unique traits of the Polish market, taking into consideration the great following of esports, and how social media platforms could be holistically integrated to ameliorate the UX.


BtoBet’s Report Highlights Potential of iGaming Industry in Poland

Reading Time: < 1 minute


According to BtoBet’s latest Industry Report, Poland has the potential to become one of the most relevant gaming markets on the European front. The report makes an in-depth analysis of what characterised its growth in the past few years.

The Report “Poland Betting Focus” provides detailed insights on betting psychographics, market characteristics, exponential growth of esports in Poland, Legislative overview and detailed breakdown of internet, smartphone and social media factors with year-on-year increase indications.

The report also makes an in-depth analysis of how operators can increase their market share by adapting their betting experience to the unique traits of the Polish market, taking into consideration the great following of esports, and how social media platforms could be holistically integrated to ameliorate the UX.