Popok Gaming has received a Certificate for Sweden

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PopOK Gaming aims to expand its horizons and provide a high-level iGaming experience for new audiences. Sweden is the next destination; local players can enjoy 18 of our slots and the Progressive Jackpot already.

The well-known titles include Yummy, Lost Treasure, Hot Bar, Lucky Jungle, Magic treasures of Egypt, Los Apaches and many others. All mentioned above meet local industry standards and promise to keep local players interested.

So, PopOK Gaming’s Swedish partners can guarantee their players a top-quality iGaming experience.

PopOK Gaming CEO Karen Gulkanyan, commented, “The certification was rigorous in Sweden, and we are proud that our games met all requirements. This is a huge milestone for us, and we look forward to continued success in the Swedish market and building strong partnerships there”.


BOS welcomes the new minister responsible for gambling policy

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The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) welcomes the decision that Minister of Financial Markets Niklas Wykman is appointed to be responsible for gaming policy in the government.

We look forward to having a discussion with Niklas Wykman about how gambling policy can best be developed in Sweden. We will have three important messages in those discussions. Firstly, the licensed gambling companies must be protected at the expense of the unlicensed ones. Secondly, the state should concentrate on making laws that the rest of us must follow rather than acting as a commercial gambling company itself, and thirdly, it would be welcome if Wykman, as the first minister in any Swedish government, dares to highlight the gambling industry’s important business and political significance for Sweden and Europe, says Gustaf Hoffstedt.


G-Loot partners with Riot Games for the Premier G-Loot VALORANT Clash tournament

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Swedish esports platform, G-Loot, has announced that it has partnered with RIOT GAMES, Inc. for its Premier G-Loot VALORANT Clash tournament, the VALORANT Championship Tour OFF//SEASON.

“We are extremely proud to have entered a partnership with Riot Games for the VCTOFF//Season,” said Simon Sundén, G-Loot’s Vice President & Head of Esports.

The tournament will take place in three stages which will include Qualifiers, G-Loot Showdown, and the Grand Finals, and will run from October 19 to November 27. The G-Loot Showdown on October 28-30 and the Grand Finals on November 25-27 will be broadcast live from Stockholm with a team of professional casters and analysts.

G-Loot welcomes players from EMEA to sign up and get a chance to participate in the Clash tournament. Everyone can start their esport journey on G-Loot, and in the end, compete for $50,000 in the VALORANT Clash.

“Part of what makes G-Loot special is that we want to open esports up to a wider audience,” said Simon Sundén. “Our hope is that G-Loot VALORANT Clash will soon see even more new teams playing. We’ve seen a lot of players starting their journey on G-Loot to eventually become pros. We look forward to seeing underdog stories in this tournament as well.”

VALORANT was launched in 2020 and has quickly become one of the most popular FPS titles in the world, attracting millions of esports players and concurrent viewers each day.

“VALORANT has become one of the biggest esports titles after just two years since launch attracting millions of viewers worldwide. We are extremely excited to start working on producing high-quality tournaments for the EMEA region”, Simon continues.

The tournament is a part of a wider series of third-party events in VCT OFF//SEASON that is taking place after the CHAMPIONS. For more information about VALORANT esports competitions, please visit www. valorantesports .com



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LeoVegas AB (publ)’s (“LeoVegas”) application for de-listing has now been approved by Nasdaq Stockholm. The last day of trading in LeoVegas’ shares at Nasdaq Stockholm will be 22 September 2022.

As previously announced, LeoVegas has applied for de-listing of the company’s shares from Nasdaq Stockholm. Nasdaq Stockholm has now approved the application and resolved that the last day of trading will be Thursday 22 September 2022.


Global Top Round 2022 Conference Heads to Sweden

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Video game accelerator program Global Top Round (GTR), has today
announced its GTR 2022 Conference will be held in Luleå Sweden from November 9-10 in
partnership with the government of Sweden. The annual conference brings together studios,
publishers, investors, and influencers from throughout the gaming industry to network at one
event. At the end of this invite-only conference, GTR will select 10 of the most promising studios
to be inducted into its annual accelerator program.

The accelerator program, which has gained prominent traction and recognition in the games
industry over the last several years, will grant funding starting at $40,000 to the 10 inducted
studios. In addition to the funding, the program will support the games and their business
development, make introductions to some of the biggest global publishers, and much more.
Chosen studios may also receive further investments from GTR’s newly launched Seed
Program, which invests between $150,000 – $300,000 to select projects.


“Global Top Round is more than just about investing in games. We’re building an ecosystem or
partners that are shaping the future of video game development,” said Pontus Mahler, Vice
President of Business Development at Global Top Round. “Our program is proof that not every
project needs to be a triple-A title. We can help build a game’s success with the right tools and
network. This year we’ll be bringing the brightest studios to Sweden to put their games on the
main stage and get them the support they need.”

Last year’s GTR conference partnered with gamescom Asia to host the event in Singapore. By
all standards the conference was a smashing success. It featured 22 studios and hosted 415
attendees, including several government officials, industry-leading publishers and investors, and
business experts.

The accelerator program has invested in more than 50 game companies in the last two years
that have achieved more than $24 million in financing.
To apply for this conference, please visit www.globaltopround.com.


L7 Entertainment goes live in Sweden, powered by GiG

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L7 Entertainment has, via its Lucky Days brand, gone live in Sweden following regulatory approval, powered by GiG’s award winning Platform.

Whilst already present in Sweden, today’s announcement follows the trend of operators trusting GiG to help them launch in new markets. Supported by a wealth of experience, the solutions available provide opportunities for brands to expand through an existing wide regulated offering. There are currently twelve supported markets, with US states New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Canadian province Ontario expected to join them soon.

Sweden, particularly from an online casino perspective, has continued to grow post regulation. Indeed, according to H2 Gambling Data the turnover in this vertical grew by 17% between 2020 and 2021, and is predicting a similar YoY growth for the foreseeable future. The driving factors behind this confidence is the combination of a safer environment for players steering an increase in onshore revenue.

Martin Collins, Director of Sales and Business Development at GiG, said: “At GiG we pride ourselves in being the chosen platform of choice for regulated markets. We have been operating in Sweden from day one and continue to serve the market on behalf of many of our clients’ brands. The addition of Lucky Days further widens our footprint and highlights the ever growing trend to embrace regulation and deliver a safer, more compelling experience for the customer.”

A spokesperson at L7 said: “After working on this project for a long time it’s finally come through and we’re delighted that we have the license ahead of the summer. This wouldn’t be possible without the hard work done by both GiG and the L7 team and serves as a great testament to the cooperation between the two companies.”


Swedish Supreme Court to Rule on Svenska Spel-BOS Dispute

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Sweden’s Supreme Court will hear a case on whether lottery operator Svenska Spel must hand over details of its commercial agreement with television channel TV4.

The case stems from a dispute that concerns Svenska Spel scratchcard Trisslot, which appears on the TV4 talk show Nyhetsmorgon, where a guest scratches a Trisslot card every day in a feature known as Trisskrapet.

Online gambling operator association BOS has argued that this feature acted as a gambling advertisement, yet did not abide by the rules expected for these ads, such as mandatory consumer protection information.

BOS first submitted a complaint about TV4 and Svenska Spel to the Swedish Consumer Agency in 2019.

In order to determine the nature of the relationship between TV4 and Svenska Spel, the Agency then asked the Patent and Market Court to order Svenska Spel to provide details of its commercial deal with TV4.

While this court agreed that Svenska Spel should hand over the information, the operator appealed to a higher court, which said it should not do so.

However, BOS appealed that decision to the Supreme Court. This appeal has now been accepted.

“In other words, the Supreme Court will assess whether Svenska Spel is obliged to submit the commercial agreement between them and TV4 to the Swedish Consumer Agency. Only then can the actual question – whether Trisskrapet constitutes editorial material (as Svenska Spel and TV4 consider) or advertising (which the Swedish Consumer Agency and BOS consider) be decided,” BOS said.



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On the 7 of June LeoVegas was contacted by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority due to a preliminary investigation concerning suspected insider trading in the company’s shares. LeoVegas is fully assisting the authorities in their investigation.

No employee, member in the management team or board member in the Company has been notified about any criminal suspicion. The Company has no further information to provide. All questions concerning the preliminary investigation need to be directed to the Swedish Economic Crime Authority.


LeoVegas Group increase usage of safer gambling tools in Sweden and Denmark

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LeoVegas Group is launching personalised, on-site messages in the Swedish and Danish markets, following a successful rollout in the UK. Messages will educate customers about a range of safer gambling tools accessible through the sites and promote their use. On-site messaging is a proven way of increasing customer usage of safer gambling tools and developing more sustainable customer relationships, as part of LeoVegas Group’s safer gambling strategy.

LeoVegas Group launched personalised on-site messaging to UK-based customers in the autumn of 2021, educating customers about safer gambling tools. Data from the launch has shown that the messaging leads to an increased use of safer gambling tools and to deposit limits being maintained or lowered, and that these effects are greater for those customers identified as at risk of developing harmful gambling behaviours.

Using artificial intelligence, the Group’s risk model identifies those customers most at risk of developing harmful gambling habits, and then provides details of safer gambling tools and encouragement to set their own limits via personalised messaging. Content and urgency vary based on the customer’s individual gambling behaviour and history, and messages are given a prominent position on the game pages – a space that is otherwise used for promotions and new games. The launch is part of LeoVegas Group’s ongoing strategy to develop more sustainable customer relationships through an increased focus on safer gambling.

Gustaf Hagman, CEO of LeoVegas group said, “We are thrilled that our on-site messaging has proven successful in the UK – not only in driving engagement with our safer gambling tools but also by having a positive effect on customer behaviour and helping to drive forward our quest for more sustainable customer relationships. By rolling this feature in Sweden and Denmark, we will continue to make gambling at LeoVegas Group even safer.” 

Personalised messaging is now live in Sweden and Denmark on LeoVegas, Expekt and GoGo Casino brands. The service was already available on all brands in the UK and will be rolled out to additional markets in the near future.


Trustly launches Trustly Express in Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK – enabling payments twice as fast

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Trustly, the leading global payments platform for digital account-to-account transactions, launches Trustly Express in Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Trustly Express reduces the number of steps at checkout for returning users for an even better, and faster, experience.

Trustly continues to take steps towards its vision to power the shift to a cardless society by making account-to-account (“A2A”) payments a new global standard, and the launch of Trustly Express further strengthens this move. Trustly Express enables merchants to significantly improve the payment experience for their end users, driving increased conversion and customer loyalty.

Built on top of the bank’s PSD2 APIs, Trustly Express reduces the number of steps at checkout for returning users. Instead of a regular experience, typically with a five step flow including two so called Strong Customer Authentications* (SCA:s) where the consumer identifies itself, Trustly Express brings the flow down to a single payment confirmation page and only one SCA. This allows returning consumers to complete their debit payment twice as fast with the SCA step typically being biometric based (FaceID or a Fingerprint becoming a standard offering amongst banks in Europe).

Johan Tjärnberg, Group CEO of Trustly, comments: Launching Trustly Express is another key step forward in our offensive plan to deliver superior value to our merchants with the key aim to enable them to further accelerate their growth. Being one of the first movers since A2A’s inception we are committed to continue being a game changer in our industry.