Digitising Corporate Governance – Tricor hosts 18th Annual Corporate Governance Seminar


Tricor’s 18th annual corporate governance seminar is held today at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Supported by the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association and The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies, the half-day event gathered leading industry elites who share on a spectrum of corporate governance related topics, and attracted over 2,000 registrations despite the Covid-19 challenges. With social distancing measures in place, this is the first year it takes a hybrid approach. By deploying Tricor’s own e-meeting solution SPOT, the event welcomes both in-person and virtual participants.

“Digitising Corporate Governance”, the theme of the seminar, summarises the two most important focuses of corporates this year – digitisation and governance.

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of Tricor and we have hosted our annual corporate governance seminar for 18 years straight since 2003. Tricor has always been taking an active role in promoting a culture of good corporate governance as we strongly believe that it plays an important role in sustaining the business especially during times of uncertainty,” says Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong.

“While the trend of digital transformation is irreversible, by leveraging and incorporating advanced tools into our daily workflow, corporate governance can be taken to a new level with improved efficiency, engagement and transparency. Digital tools can definitely help companies reap the benefits of intelligent systems through accelerated business performance and optimised intra-company.”

The seminar is kicked off with a keynote speech on “Digital Transformation in Hong Kong“, delivered by Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Bureau; followed by another keynote session hosted by Prof. K.C. Chan, Non-Executive Director of Tricor Group, on “Digital Transformation in FinTech”.

Other speakers from both public and private sectors also share the latest market trends and development, their experiences and perspectives on what and how technologies are adopted in corporate governance in particular in the financial field.

Digital Corporate Governance Solutions

Governance at a corporate level refers to the way in which companies are governed and to what purpose. Technology is now increasingly adopted by corporate governance professionals to achieve best practices.

Our Experiential Lounge at the venue showcases some of our digital corporate governance tools launched earlier this year. Attendees have a chance to experience first-hand how our board portal “Boardfolio” makes board meetings easy; how “SPOT”, an e-meeting solution, takes online votes and questions; and how digital administrative tool “e-Rental” streamlines HR operations by automating employees’ rental reimbursement applications and claim processes. As the event’s key visual suggests, these tools connect people with technologies and most importantly, human-technology collaboration can enhance human capabilities under the new normal.

20 Years of Excellence

With 20 years of solid experience, Tricor is the undisputed market leader in integrated business expansion solutions, with global knowledge and local expertise in business management, corporate administration and secretarial services, trust and fiduciary services, as well as human resources consultation. Our strong track record has made us the benchmark for professional services in Hong Kong.

“As the commercial world has reached an inflection point of new technology adoption, we will continue to innovate solutions that help companies navigate the journey from start-up to IPO and beyond. These digital corporate governance solutions are vivid examples of how innovation and technology-driven processes can streamline business operations and hence improve efficiency, accuracy and security,” says Wan.

The event is concluded with a look at the next imperatives of company secretaries in the era of pandemic and digital transformation. The Covid-19 pandemic may have posed changes to the world permanently and it is fast-tracking digital transformation in companies. Those who are able to fully capitalise on technology in their business models will stay ahead of their competition. Tricor, as the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, will continue to leverage on our deep industry experience and expertise and assist our clients in succeeding in the new normal.


CGTN: Shanghai’s Pudong to be pioneer in China’s new reform drive

After 30 years of development and opening-up, Pudong in east China’s Shanghai Municipality has been given two new roles in the country’s overall development in the next three decades.

The area should strive to become a pioneer of reform and opening-up at a higher level and a vanguard in fully building a modern socialist country, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday at a grand gathering in Shanghai to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pudong’s development and opening-up.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, said as China embarks on a new journey to achieve the goal of fully building a modern socialist country by the middle of the century, Pudong needs to bear new historic missions to facilitate the process.

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He encouraged the district to “carry the heaviest load” and “crack the hardest nut” in China’s reform and modernization drive.

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Engine of innovation

Thursday’s event came two weeks after the conclusion of the fifth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, at which Chinese leaders charted the country’s development course for the next 15 years.

According to the Party leadership’s proposals for formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025, FYP) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035, China will uphold the central role of innovation and take self-reliance in science and technology as strategic underpinning for national development, aiming to become a global leader in innovation.

In such a context, Xi called on Pudong to strengthen its role as an engine of innovation and make breakthroughs in key and core technologies. The district should develop innovative industries in key fields and create world-class industrial clusters in areas such as integrated circuits, biomedicine and artificial intelligence, he said.

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Pudong should strengthen the dominant role of enterprises in technological innovation and work more closely with other players in the Yangtze River Delta region, he said, calling for breakthroughs in core components and the launch of high-end products.

He also called on Pudong to initiate reforms in crucial areas and key links and create a market-oriented, internationalized business environment.

The district should deepen institutional opening-up in rules, regulations, management and standards to enhance its strengths in international cooperation and competition, he said.

The new Lingang area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, launched last year, should make more efforts in stress testing and achieve breakthroughs in a number of key areas, said Xi.

Role in global resource allocation

It was Xi’s second speech to mark major milestones of China’s reform and opening-up during the past month. In mid-October, Xi visited Shenzhen in south China’s Guangdong Province and attended a gathering to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, urging the city to deepen all-round reform and expand opening-up on all fronts.

Shengzhen and Shanghai have been at the forefront of China’s reform and opening-up over the past decades. The two cities are also homes to the only two stock exchanges on the Chinese mainland, playing irreplaceable roles in resource allocation for the world’s second largest economy.

As China strives to nurture a new development pattern that takes the domestic market as the mainstay while letting domestic and foreign markets boost each other, the roles of Shenzhen and Shanghai are becoming even more significant.

Xi called for efforts to improve Pudong’s capabilities in global resource allocation so that it will better serve the establishment of the new development pattern. Pudong should better coordinate resources in domestic and foreign markets and enhance its global influence on mobilizing factors including fund, information, technology, talent and goods, he said. 

Pudong should strive to become a hub of the domestic market and a strategic link of the domestic and foreign markets, he said. The area should also play a leading role in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, he added.

The president also urged Pudong to establish an international financial-asset trading platform, develop a higher-level headquarters economy and build itself into an important hub of global industrial, supply and value chains.

Meanwhile, Xi called for modernizing urban governance and building the district into a beautiful home where people and nature coexist in harmony.

On April 18, 1990China announced the development and opening-up of Pudong, a less developed area located east of the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

Pudong’s regional GDP has increased more than 210 times over the past three decades. The district now contributes nearly one-third of Shanghai’s GDP. It is home to over 1,000 financial institutions, over 300 regional headquarters of multinationals and more than 240 foreign-invested R&D centers.


SoftSwiss Integrates High5 Games to its Portfolio

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SoftSwiss has integrated online casino games provider High5 Games to its Game Aggregator portfolio. More than 450 appealing High5 titles have become available for SoftSwiss White Label partners and B2B clients operating under Curacao and Malta licenses.

High5 Games is a well-known game studio founded in 1995 that grew to become one of the industry’s largest game content providers. High5 designed a world-renowned and fast-expanding slot games portfolio that can be played across six continents and in more than 150 countries.

SoftSwiss Game Aggregator continues growing with great force, adding to its portfolio outstanding game content from the most acclaimed and innovative game studios. To date, Game Aggregator brings together more than 11,000 games from over 70 game providers to choose from.


‘Dirty Drifters’ Drives Home Victory in AudioMob’s Game Jam

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Getaway driving game takes home the $1000 prize in AudioMob’s game design competition for its innovative use of audio ads. Audio ads once again prove their power to enhance games through immersive ad experiences.

AudioMob is thrilled to announce that it’s successful game design competition has come to a close and has finally crowned a winner! In the last month, aspiring game developers have poured their hearts and souls into designing games that incorporate AudioMob’s innovative audio ad format in the most creative way possible, for the chance to win $1000 cash, press coverage and industry introductions. The game submissions have been nothing less than impressive, and shows a promising future for the participating developers.

This Game Jam is the first of its kind to require the integration of a non-intrusive audio ad format; a challenge that has truly put developers to the test and made them think outside the box. AudioMob wanted to challenge developers to build games who used its unique audio ad plugin in ways that complimented the user experience, without interrupting gameplay.

The results have been an exciting mixture of games that present an immersive gaming experience through the use of audio ads.

While the main purpose of the Game Jam has been to introduce more developers to AudioMob’s audio ad format, it has also been a great way to give aspiring developers a chance to make some money and get recognition for their hard work. AudioMob is also pleased to be able to introduce the developers to publishers in the gaming industry.

Yesterday, after a tough deliberation period, the judges finally decided on a winner. The winner of the AudioMob Resonate game jam is Yup Studios!

The team’s brilliant, getaway driving game ‘Dirty Drifters’, caught the judges attention for its entertaining and polished design. Massive congratulations to team members Christopher Luu and Ben Tomczyk behind the winning pick! ‘Dirty Drifters’ is a truly impressive game, and full of smart ideas throughout. We were blown away by the aesthetic and the tone. But it was the audio ad integration into both the gameplay and narrative setting that impressed us most.” said Christian Facey, CEO and co-founder of AudioMob.

The gameplay focuses on outrunning the police at the end of a bank robbery, viewed from the perspective of television news crews. However, the pursuing police abandon their chase when the news cameras cut away; them only being interested in appearing to catch the criminals.So when the fictional broadcast to a TV ad break the player has a chance to recoup and regroup.

This element showcases an excellent use of AudioMob’s audio ads, making the idea of ad breaks integral to the gameplay, while perhaps poking fun at ‘Dirty Drifters’’ antagonists. With the police’s attention temporarily eslewhere, players can listen to an audio ad while playing a safe cracking game – with a dial mechanicthat alludes to the radio as the audio plays on. The game also has an abundance of character and playful charm; in short, it was a fun game to play, and a fun place to spend time. Developed by computer science students, Christopher Luu and Ben Tomczyk, ‘Dirty Drifters’ uniquely creative design and adrenaline-inducing game ultimately won over the judges and grabbed the grand prize.

AudioMob wants to give an honorable mention to the runners up, who gave ‘Dirty Drifters’ a tough run for their money. Thomas The Dev came second, and will take home $200 for their driving game ‘Roadtrip’; Toby Atkinson in third place, will receive $100 for the delightful agricultural title ‘Air Drop Farm’; and the fourth placed Valancosta Games will take home asset vouchers for their insect autorunner game ‘Save the Bees’. While ‘Dirty Drifters’ won the grand prize, AudioMob looks forward to working with the runners up and seeing them expand on their games.

“We are thoroughly impressed by the talent shown by the participating teams, who have all exceeded our expectations in how they have used our audio ads and made them an essential part of the games’ story and design,” said Christian Facey. “The energy, effort and enthusiasm shown by the teams has been brilliant to see, and we look forward to seeing what the developers come up with next.”

Although the Game Jam concludes today, the strong community that has formed throughout the competition still remains. AudioMob hopes the community will continue to grow and become a friendly platform for budding indie developers to connect and share their projects on. AudioMob has always known the massive potential of its world first audio ad format; and now, thanks to the brilliant contestants, there are even more reasons to know that audio ads can be a profoundly positive part of creative, innovative games.


CenterPrime Project “Support the Binance Smart Chain and various Mainnet Wallet SDKs in the CenterPrime Project.”


Today’s emerging technologies are making life easier. Developers are also finding their working environments more convenient. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is offering developers better development environments.

The SDK is a set of development tools that allows software engineers to create applications for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, computer systems, game consoles, operating systems, and so on. The SDK helps to speed up development, allowing developers to respond quickly to changes in market structure.

Blockchain development has a high barrier to entry, resulting in insufficient package library support. The CenterPrime project supports the Wallet SDK to improve this environment.

The network supported by the Wallet SDK includes Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and QuarkChain, which makes it easy to develop the 7 essential features that make up a wallet: Create Wallet, Import Wallet Keystore, Export Wallet Keystore, View Wallet Assets, View Wallet Tokens, Send Wallet Assets, and Send Wallet Asset Tokens.

Ethereum is a distributed computing platform and operating system for implementing smart contract functions based on blockchain technology.

Binance Smart Chain is an autonomous type of smart contract blockchain that provides Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible programming functions. “Binance Smart Chain” is designed to run alongside Binance Chain, adding smart contract functions to support compatible Dapps, while maintaining quick speeds(fast transaction speed) and low transaction fees.

QuarkChain is the first public chain to implement state sharding. With its great sharding functionality, QuarkChain has a high TPS and provides four customization options: consensus, ecosystem economy, virtual machine, and ledger model.

In addition, when Wallet is developed through the Wallet SDK, it can be connected to real public networks. Moreover, each developed function will be used to generate block hash values in the CenterPrime Explorer.

The CenterPrime project is expected to support various tools and samples of EVM-based network integration solidity functions, thereby expanding the blockchain industry. More information can be found on the CenterPrime website (centerprime.technology) and CenterPrime Explorer (to be released).


Week 46/2020 slot games releases

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Here are this weeks latest slots releases!

Green Jade Games has released its latest knock out slot, Troll KO. The game takes players to the heart of an enchanted forest where they must defeat the trolls to claim their treasures. The Knock Out feature allows players to knock symbols out of the reels to create a cascade effect. Line up three or more Loot Box symbols horizontally to trigger the game’s bonus features, which include free spins, instant cash or a combination of the two.


GAMOMAT, the leading independent slot game developer, is proud to announce its latest game to fuel the slots market, Hellfire. This red hot slot is part of GAMOMAT’s classic series and is 5×3 layout, with 10 playlines which offers medium volatility. Hellfire features the latest technology and rich fruit graphics which provides a fantastic gaming experience. Hellfire’s new expanding Wilds feature sparks into life and then burns all the way from right to left, lighting everything in its path into hot wilds. Players are able to gain a sneak preview of potential winnings thanks to GAMOMAT’s unique Spoiler spin addition.

Endorphina released its brand new and royal Chance Machine 40 – showing off its star-shaped jewel glistening with outstanding individuality, uniqueness, and class. This autumn, Endorphina is bringing their players a highly exquisite slot that’s ready to dazzle and impress all its players. This time, it seems the popular gaming provider created a royal crown with a star-shaped jewel that everyone around the world wants to get their hands on. What’s the catch? This royal crown’s star-shaped jewel will only let the bravest, most dignified player experience the real value of perfection. Endorphina’s 5-reel, 4-row, fixed 40-lines online slot game Chance Machine 40 is a true jewel in its portfolio.


The Hottest Game is slot designed by the Gamzix software developer. Beautiful graphics, nice sound, and the latest technologies it’s all about Gamzix Games. Since the early beginning of slots the fruit theme became the most popular among players. Gamzix created a classic looking slot with the fire fruits inside. The game is so fancy and has a zesty twist so you will be engaged so much and feel the hot desire to win it all. The Hottest Game slot comes with a standard 5×3 grid with 20 active paylines where the minimum bet is 0,01 while the maximum bet is 400, RTP of 95,9%.


NetEnt has combined one of its most successful slots with the industry’s top mechanic in Twin Spin Megaways, offering an electrifying player experience with a star-studded feature set. The 6-reel title sees the return of the classic Twin Reel feature, which has been complemented by NetEnt’s popular Avalanche mechanic and Megaways, on licence from Big Time Gaming. With old-Vegas aesthetics, including retro-style graphics and smooth jazz sounds, the feature combination adds an extra twist to the game experience as the number of symbols on the reels is randomly chosen on each spin, reaching up to 117649 Megaways. In Free Spins, players can enjoy the same features of the original on an even more exciting level, with x2 and x3 Wild Multipliers boosting payout potential.


Push Gaming looks to the ancient gods in its latest feature-packed release, Wheel of Wonders. This slot features an expanding set; starting at 6×3 in the base game with the potential to expand all the way to 6×6, with up to 46,656 ways to win. This allows players to experience the thrill of progression and anticipation with every spin as they hunt down instant wins and unique features. The slot also promises fantastic win potential in its base game with Win Multipliers in play, with even more excitement and potential following in the Free Games.


Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider to the gaming industry, has added another hit to its deluxe range with Pirate Gold Deluxe. The 4×5, 40-payline game sees the return of Pragmatic Play’s fearsome crew of pirates as they scour the seas looking for booty in this innovative hold and win style title. Players will look for treasure bags on the reels with them acting as Money Symbols. If eight or more land on the reels then the Re-Spin Bonus is triggered. During the Bonus Feature, all previous Money Symbols will remain on the reels while respins occur to fill up the remaining spots. Players get three respins, with the count resetting in case of a successful spin.


Booongo has unveiled its fearsome new adventure hit, Beast Saga. Set in an ornate temple in the Far East, the 5×4, 50-payline slot features stacked symbols as heroes battle on the reels to reward players with big wins. Yin and Yang symbols act as Wilds across the gameplay, with the fearsome Dragon Beast the highest-paying character, with users eager to catch sight of this mystical creature. Three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spins mode, with 10 spins building excitement as stacked reels can lead to huge payouts.



Kinaxis Promotes Mike Mauger to Chief Customer Success Officer


Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX: KXS), the authority in driving agility for fast, confident decision-making in an unpredictable world, has promoted Mike Mauger to the role of Chief Customer Success Officer. In this role, Mauger leads the global customer support, customer success, knowledge management, deployment QA and cloud services teams to work in partnership with customers to anticipate, identify and address needs proactively.

“Our goal as a team is to ensure we provide the best service possible to our customers at each stage of the customer journey,” said Mauger. “Our team is devoted to helping customers realize the unique value they set out to gain from Kinaxis RapidResponse and empower everyone at Kinaxis to play a role in delivering a positive customer experience. I look forward to continuing to drive success for our customers, especially as we navigate through an ongoing pandemic.”

Throughout his three-year tenure at Kinaxis, Mauger has been committed to understanding the performance and value expectations for all Kinaxis customers and strengthening the company’s support infrastructure. To do this, Mauger has significantly grown the global customer care team worldwide and formally launched the customer success team and customer excellence programs – all committed to supporting the success of Kinaxis customers around the global.

“Since his first day with Kinaxis, Mike has been maturing the customer care organization, and I credit him with helping us achieve our highest customer satisfaction scores to date,” said John Sicard, Chief Executive Officer, Kinaxis. “It is a privilege to have Mike lead this vital function and I look forward to achieving even higher customer satisfaction levels under his leadership as we continue to scale the business.”


CBD Oil For Anxiety: Health Canal 2020 Update


CBD is gaining attention in the medicine industry because of its promising health benefits, including the many anecdotal evidence that state its potential health benefit to various illnesses. Due to that, more scientists and medical professionals have started their hands in studying the effects of CBD for different health concerns.

According to the Healthcanal.com, cannabidiol has been shown to mitigate stress in certain animals, such as rats. It was observed that the study subjects manifested lower behavioral signs of anxiety. In addition to that, the physiological symptoms they exhibited like increased heart rate were also improved. More so, it’s important to note that these studies are applicable only to generalized types of anxiety, which the study subjects were placed under.

When it comes to other types of this condition, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), and even anxiety-induced insomnia, CBD has also shown positive impacts. In fact, a 2011 study revealed that people with social anxiety disorder who were subjects of the said study had reduced anxiety levels after they were administered with 400 milligrams of CBD.

Furthermore, other studies also show how CBD can help with people with PTSD, especially those who experienced nightmares and who had tendencies to replay negative memories.

Does CBD Oil help anxiety?

Yes, it helps although more studies are still needed in order to gain confirmation from the medical community. However, there is a published study from Permanente Journal that says that 79% of the study participants manifested reduced anxiety all the more that there are additional studies that prove CBD’s encouraging potential as a treatment. The results have already made mental health advocates hopeful enough in considering CBD as a treatment for anxiety, which has long been a concern for people who are suffering from it.

Despite the continuous reminder set forth by the medical experts to not fully depend on one’s treatment of CBD, there are still many people who cling onto its potential. In fact, a 2019 Gallup Poll revealed that 14% of the Americans use CBD. Another poll also shows that 37% of CBD users utilize CBD for anxiety with several of these participants noting its effectiveness.

Of course, CBD’s value cannot be diminished in spite of the many cautions the medical experts have provided because CBD users find it as a holistic treatment to manage anxiety that does not cause harmful side effects. CBD does it differently as it utilizes the natural interaction of CBD and the human body through the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for self-regulation and mood changes.

How the endocannabinoid system works has to do with human bodies producing endocannabinoids everyday, which then bind to the receptors found all over human bodies. Examples of these receptors are CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are typically found in the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system.

It works for anxiety disorders and other neurological disorders since it is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, according to Joseph Cohen who is a cannabis doctor from Boulder, Colorado.

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

First and foremost, for people who are interested in taking CBD, they should talk to their doctors. Doctor is the best person who can prescribe the appropriate dosage for one’s body capacity.

Other than that, it’s worth mentioning that taking CBD does not have a universal dosage for everyone. The dosage entirely depends on how much one body can tolerate, hence it is suggested  to seek for doctors’ opinions.

Nevertheless, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) cautions that people have to choose a reliable CBD outlet that is honest enough when it comes to providing the CBD amount that matches what’s stated on their product labels. There are many outlets that claim to be tested by a third-party laboratory, so people need to make sure that the CBD outlet they‘re checking in has proofs that reveal authentic lab results.

Why does it matter? The non-profit organization says that the majority of the commercial CBD products do not contain sufficient CBD that replicate the therapeutic effects found in the clinical trials.

When it comes to dosage used in CBD studies, it’s significant to mention that a 2018 study where male subjects received CBD dose before participating in a simulated public speaking test had implied how much CBD can possibly be administered to reduce anxiety levels. In the study, the researchers found that a dosage of 300 milligrams, administered orally to the study participants 90 minutes before the simulated public speaking test had reduced their feelings of being anxious. To find more significance on the study, the members of the placebo group who received only 150 milligrams had little to no benefits.

The study is a great indicator on what dosage can potentially help with such a condition, but since it covered only 57 subjects, more pieces of research are still needed to determine the right dosage for individuals who suffer from it.

Of course, that also does not mean that people should reach that level since they also need to seek for doctors’ opinions. But again, people still need to talk to their doctors for the most appropriate dosage to avoid unnecessary side effects brought by high dosage of CBD.

SOURCE Health Canal


Next Generation Lotteries wins Norsk Tipping’s eInstant RFP

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Next Generation Lotteries (NGL) is pleased to announce that it has won Norsk Tipping’s e-Instant RFP. Under the new agreement, signed following a highly competitive tender process, NGL will provide both innovative original content and develop bespoke games for Norsk Tipping’s “Flax” and “Yezz” brands.

“We are thrilled to continue our successful collaboration with Norsk Tipping” – said Hans Vigmostad, NGL’s CEO. “This new win proves the quality of our solutions and it reflects NGL’s commitment to provide leading technology and innovative and appealing products to modern lotteries and their players” he added.

NGL has been providing original game content and bespoke game conversions to Norsk Tipping since 2017, after being chosen as one of three e-Instant suppliers for the “Flax” portfolio of games. NGL’s focus on mobile game development has made these games more attractive to a wider audience, enabling players to enjoy their favourite e-Instants wherever they chose. Integration with Norsk Tipping’s robust responsible gaming controls ensured that players could play safely and responsibly. Following this new win NGL, together with its content partners: Gamevy, SidePlay and Mobile Waves Solution, will now become Norsk Tipping’s supplier of e-Instant game content – both original games as well as custom digital conversions of physical scratch tickets.

“We are happy to confirm that NGL, after a highly competitive procurement process, has been awarded the contract for delivering e-Instants to Norsk Tipping. Since the launch in 2014, e-Instants have been and still are, a growing category for Norsk Tipping, and we expect NGL to support us well in reaching our continued growth targets and high ambitions. NGL delivered a competitive offer, meeting all award criteria, and based on our experience working together, we expect a seamless transition between the old and new contract supporting this business area” – said Hans Erland Ringsvold, Norsk Tipping Head of Gaming Operations.

This new contract will ensure smooth continuity of NGL’s and Norsk Tipping’s successful cooperation over the coming years and ongoing growth of the “Flax” games’ portfolio.


Labuan Financial Services Authority issues more than 50% increase in licensing application approvals in the 1st Half 2020, remains cautiously optimistic for the remaining 2020


Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) continues to attract financial services firms from across the globe in 2020 with more than 50% increase in licensing application approvals for the first half of 2020, making a total of more than 800 licensed entities currently operating in Labuan IBFC.

“Notwithstanding the challenges and movement restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are glad to continue to have growth, an increase in licenses approved during the first half of 2020,” said Datuk Danial Mah Abdullah, Director-General of Labuan FSA in his welcome speech at the third Asian Captive Conference (ACC) today.

“Having said that, we remain cautious on the outcome in the second half of the year but am optimistic that we will pull through this COVID-19 rollercoaster year on a positive note,” he went on to say.

He added “We in Labuan FSA are cognisant of the COVID-19 situation. Other than the safety precautionary measures, we have provided Regulatory Reliefs aimed at alleviating the operational difficulties of the market. We will continue to support the market players during this difficult and challenging time as we navigate the “new normal” together. We are always engaging with our players on this.”

Mah said that Labuan IBFC as a midshore jurisdiction takes the approach of proportionality in regulation and market engagement, noting this philosophy is appropriate during these times of change and uncertainty, and will serve the jurisdiction well moving forward.

Labuan IBFC is a “whitelisted” jurisdiction by the European Union and deemed largely compliant by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. With this, coupled with Labuan FSA’s continued commitment to adhere to the highest regulatory and supervisory standards, Mah is confident that the global financial services industry will continue to regard Labuan IBFC positively even during these unprecedented times.

Meanwhile, Labuan IBFC Inc. CEO, Farah Jaafar-Crossby said, “The growth in licensed entities  definitely evidences Labuan IBFC’s relevance as intermediaries continue to look for safe harbour jurisdictions, that are well regulated to international standards set by global multilateral organisations.”

Specifically in reinsurance, Labuan IBFC continued to see growth in the insurance industry with 11 new licensed being approved of which seven were captive insurance entities, reinforcing its jurisdictional reign in the Asia captive market.

“Captive insurance is certainly growing in size as it now attributes 31.4% of total gross premiums underwritten in Labuan IBFC, amounting to USD267.9mil with 72.8% of the total captive premiums from international markets,” Mah said.

He added: “This is in line with the status of Labuan IBFC as a regional wholesale risk intermediating centre. In fact, for the first half of 2020, 64.5% of total gross written premiums of the reinsurance industry originated from international markets.”

“We expect this percentage to increase as we develop Labuan even further as a centre of risk management and reinsurance through innovation. For instance, Labuan IBFC is the only jurisdiction in Asia that offers protected cell companies (PCC),” Mah noted.

He also added that it is a natural progression that as the Labuan community of financial institutions continue to grow, more intra Labuan IBFC trade is effected.

“This is a natural progression of a jurisdiction with more than 800 licensees, with the insurance market representing nearly 30% or 220. As we mature as a financial centre, cross-pollination of businesses is part of a natural development cycle that reinforces a vibrant intra-Labuan business ecosystem for all institutions to partake in,” Mah said.

The ACC 2020 is a special virtual edition due to the pandemic and is a collaboration by Labuan IBFC and Pan-Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association (PARIMA). This year, the ACC is hosted as part of the PARIMA Resilience Week of events.

Themed “Agility in the COVID Climate”, the ACC 2020 was aimed to highlight the challenges and the agility required for governments, corporations and the community to respond during this pandemic.

The conference also discussed finding suitable risk management approaches and appropriate reinsurance protection where self-insurance may be misconstrued as a panacea during these unprecedented times, and was attended virtually by risk management professionals, business owners, corporate leader, and advisers.