vivo Communications Research Institute Introduces New Technology Vision, Hosts 5G Technology Dialogue with Global Partners


vivo today released its latest communication technology vision, “Bringing you a boundless intelligent world,” underscoring the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate and support communities in bridging the digital divide. As part of this initiative, vivo Communications Research Institute held its first 5G Talk event, which brought together industry experts to discuss the latest developments in 5G and the potential benefits for consumers.

vivo’s Communication Technology Vision

vivo believes that with the commercialization of 5G technology and the steady development of 6G research, communication technology will bridge the physical and digital worlds. With high-speed and reliable networks, communication technology will provide seamless integration between the two worlds, giving rise to new applications, services, and experiences. This will break down the boundaries between people, things, space, and time, leading to a boundlessly connected world that will foster the sustainable development of society.

With this outlook for the future, vivo Communications Research Institute has put forward its latest vision of “Bringing you a boundless intelligent world,” which encapsulates vivo’s commitment to narrowing the digital divide by providing consumers with the ultimate experience in innovative devices and intelligent connectivity services.

vivo Hosts 5G Tech Talk to Discuss 5G Development and Benefits

vivo held its first 5G Talk event, featuring six industry experts, including representatives from telecom operators, industry associations, and academia. Discussing the benefits of 5G for developing countries, the panelists concluded that enhanced connectivity could provide solutions to infrastructure challenges, such as remote healthcare and education, IoT for agriculture and disaster recovery, and enable new business models. To watch the full 5G Tech Talk, please visit vivo Global YouTube or vivo Facebook.

“At vivo, we are dedicated to making 5G smartphones more convenient, accessible, and affordable, empowering communities to thrive in the new digital landscape,” said Rakesh Tamrakar, Leading Specialist at vivo Communications Research Institute. “Our relentless efforts in this area, including our extensive R&D initiatives, have resulted in cutting-edge innovations that are now a part of global 5G standards. By nurturing innovation and collaboration, we believe we can contribute to shaping a boundless, intelligent world where everyone can benefit from advanced telecommunication technologies.”

Committed to Bringing Premium 5G Experience to Consumers around the World

vivo has designed a wide range of products ready for the next generation of connectivity, catering to different consumer preferences and budgets. For instance, the powerful X and V series offer some of the slimmest 5G phones on the market, owing to vivo’s innovative 3D stacking technology. The recently-launched V27 Noble Black is one of the thinnest curved screen phones in vivo’s product portfolio, offering a comfortable grip with a thickness of only 7.36mm and weighing only 182g. These phones also boast exceptional power-saving features, and remarkably reliable connectivity, all backed by years of R&D.

By supporting the development of local 5G networks and communication technologies, vivo hopes to make high-speed connectivity and digital life more accessible and convenient through its diversified 5G devices, ushering in a boundless, intelligent world.


vivo Releases Android 14 Beta Program for Developers on vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11


Global technology brand vivo today announced Android 14 Beta 1 will be available on vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11 smartphones in Southeast Asia starting from May 11. The program provides vivo developers with early access to the latest Android experience, enabling them to try out the new features and improve the compatibility of their applications. The new-generation Android 14 is set to bring several notable upgrades to the user experience, including optimized device resource management, improved battery life, enhanced security and privacy, and more personalization and accessibility features.

Optimized device resource management and improved battery life

Android 14 will simplify the smartphone’s background processes by optimizing how applications are activated, improving the phone’s resource management and battery life. One of the key upgrades is that scheduling exact alarms, or actions that need to happen at a precise time, are denied by default, as they can significantly consume the device’s resources, especially battery life. Therefore, apart from clocks or calendar apps, all newly installed apps for Android 14 must request this permission from the user before scheduling exact alarms. The app can do this by prompting users to enter their preferences in the settings screen. However, developers are encouraged to carefully evaluate the application usage scenarios and choose a more flexible alarm alternative as much as possible to reduce resource consumption and improve the user experience.

In addition, Android 14 further standardizes the use of foreground services by reserving them for the user’s highest-priority tasks, helping improve resource consumption and battery life. Applications must specify appropriate foreground service types, and they must declare a specific permission, based on the foreground service type. Therefore, developers need to clearly define and specify the application’s backend work intent and clarify which usage scenarios are appropriate for foreground services.

Enhanced security and privacy

In addition to improved battery life, Android 14 provides a more secure device environment and gives users more control to protect personal information. It introduces a photo selector feature that is more privacy-friendly and reduces the need for apps to directly obtain file read and write permissions by system takeover.

Android 14 will feature a new permission confirmation pop-up that allows users to grant partial access to photos and videos by selecting a range of media files. Alternatively, the user can choose to allow or deny the app access to all media files.

To address malware threats which typically target older API levels to bypass the security and privacy protections introduced in newer Android versions, starting with Android 14, a minimum installable target API level is applied, preventing apps with API Levels below 23 from being installed.

To safeguard the smartphone further, Android 14 is introducing restrictions to implicit and pending intents, safer dynamic code loading, and additional restrictions on starting activities from the background.

Further personalization and accessibility features

Android 14 further optimizes the personalization and accessibility features, such as regional preferences set-up for temperature units, the starting day of the week and the way numbers are presented based on the user’s individual needs and preferences. In terms of accessibility, non-linear font scaling to 200% has been added. Non-linear scaling ensures that all text remains readable, preserving the proportional hierarchy between elements of different sizes.

vivo has been proactive in supporting developers to adapt and optimize their apps for the latest Android operating system and deliver the optimal user experience. Starting from May 11, developers are invited to visit the vivo Developers website and join the Android 14 Beta Program for vivo X90 Pro and iQOO 11 in Southeast Asia.


vivo GIVE IT A SHOT Campaign Empowers Football Fans to Break Down Barriers at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™


Vivo, a global leading technology company, harnessed the power of its smartphones to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds through the #vivoGiveItaShot campaign prior, during, and after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. vivo proudly announced it is the Official Smartphone and the only Official Sponsor in the smartphone industry of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in September. Adhering to its mission of “Joy of Humanity”, vivo created a global community through its social media campaign to encourage fans to capture and share magical moments with vivo smartphones and “Give it a shot” anywhere in the world. Through taking and sharing photos of awe-inspiring moments, vivo hopes to resonate emotionally with more global users.

vivo’s love for this popular game is shared by millions of football fans across the world. Tapping into this was key to the success of the #vivoGiveItaShot campaign. The online and offline campaign gave global football fans the opportunity to “Give it a shot”, by taking memorable photos or videos to spread happiness with new people, stepping out of their comfort zone, and embracing new adventures or challenges in life together with vivo. The campaign was a catalyst for people across the globe to showcase their unique identities and cultures to new audiences, and it brought people together from all walks of life regardless of race or nationality.

Released in two waves, the first wave was launched from October 10 to November 16 and empowered users to unite vivo and football through creative videos or photos with football elements. The 10 most creative participants won a vivo phone and a football. The timing of the first wave—before the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™—was instrumental in building excitement for the tournament. The second wave from November 14 until December 31 pushed participants to have fun on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram by completing online and offline challenges and sharing their celebrations with football fans across the world during and after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

To reach a wider, younger audience, the second wave also featured popular street footballer and influencer Jack Downer bringing excitement to the streets. Jack invited people to participate in an offline street challenge which he filmed on vivo X80. He then shared the exciting video with millions of fans on TikTok to drive conversations about the fun of football and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. As of December 8, the #vivoGiveItaShot TikTok challenge has attracted 380,000 user-generated videos and 744 million online views.

Combining the AR technology of the Meta platform with the front and rear cameras of vivo phones, vivo also launched different user interaction filters on Facebook for this online campaign.

Great things happen when you give it a shot. The #vivoGiveItaShot campaign inspired football fans to experience and share special moments of the beautiful game in unique ways on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to win exclusive vivo and FIFA gifts. Moving forward, vivo will continue to spread the “Joy of Humanity” through exciting campaigns and innovative technology to help people across the world share beautiful moments.


vivo introduces V21 and V21 5G with 44MP OIS front camera – the ultimate selfie smartphones to capture every moment, day and night


Today, vivo launched its new V21 smartphone series globally. The series is the latest in vivo’s longstanding V-series smartphones, which has a long history of providing consumers with fashion-forward, camera-focused devices at a competitive price.

The new V21 and V21 5G smartphones showcase a unique Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) front camera housed within one of the industry’s thinnest smartphone designs to deliver a mobile experience where advanced technology meets style. This 44MP OIS front camera combines features including AI Night Portrait, Super Night Mode, advanced autofocus and stable 4K video, to equip users with best-in-class tools for the ultimate modern mobile lifestyle.

“We developed our V21 lineup based on our insights into what our customers value the most in their phones. This OIS front camera marks a radical step in setting the standard for future smartphone front cameras,” says Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo. “As the virtual world continues to merge with our physical reality, the V21 series’ front-end OIS camera with its powerful selfie spotlight, sleek design and amazing user experience will help our customers present their best selves both virtually and in person.”

Optical Image Stabilization now featured on the front camera with outstanding night vision

Both the V21 and V21 5G feature a unique 44MP front camera with OIS which, combined with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), AI Night Portrait, autofocus and a groundbreaking light sensor, creates a software-hardware synergy to capture clearer selfies and high-quality videos anytime, anywhere.

Capturing pristine night shots, action shots and 4K videos, this front camera is designed to create a versatile imagery experience, even in environments where lighting is limited. The AI Night Portrait features a powerful AI algorithm which reduces noise in dark environments, enables better focus and clarity for faces, while the OIS stabilizes the camera to enable greater light exposure.

Furthermore, the Dual Selfie Spotlight combines both the screen’s soft light and built-in front flashes which are exquisitely engineered into the edge of the display screen to make it even easier to capture great night photos and videos.

The V21 and V21 5G also feature a top-notch 64MP OIS rear camera, supported by a set of secondary cameras to handle wide angle and more complex shots, as well as macro photography. Embedded in the smartphones are other creative features such as a dual-view option which records videos from both sides of the smartphone, advanced AI to augment facial features and a Double Exposure Function to let users’ creativity shine through.

This unique package of features makes the V21 series an ideal companion for an ultra-stable and smooth vlogging experience, through which users can interact with friends and family in any environment.

7.29mm Ultra-thin smartphones speaks sophistication

Both the V21 and V21 5G sport a sleek, minimalist design in a 7.29mm thin body which meets today’s users’ desire for a sophisticated and stylish smartphone to complete their look. With vivo’s signature Dual Tone Step Design to make the rear camera lighter and simpler, the V21 and V21 5G sets a high standard balancing advanced technology with a sleek physical form.

The front of the smartphone packs an E3 AMOLED FullView™ Display with 90Hz refresh rate, enabling optimal screen brightness, contrast, color vividness, blue light eye protection, and more. The back side features brand new AG glass colored with themes inspired by nature — Sunset Dazzle, Dusk Blue, and Arctic White.

Superior 5G experience to take mobile entertainment to new levels

The V21 5G model also brings a smoother, more efficient, and more powerful connection experience for browsing and mobile entertainment with vivo’s innovative 5G technology, ideal for users that demand a future-proof smartphone.

The smartphone reflects vivo’s major strides in industry-leading research and development in 5G technology. The dual-mode 5G phone, combining proprietary 5G antenna technology, consumes less power but is more powerful and more stable than single-mode 5G phones. The hyper-fast 5G connectivity allows users to enjoy 4K UHD live streams and CPU-intensive games at will with V21 5G.

A collection of features designed to enhance all aspects of users’ smart lifestyles

The V21 and V21 5G comes with various smart home features, such as Jovi Home and wellbeing applications, to cater to every aspect of a modern and smart lifestyle. Users can now enjoy an updated uniform interface, with apps to help track and maintain both emotional and physical health.

All these features are powered through the smartphones’ MTK Dimensity 800U processor. The 2.4GHz large core enables faster application startup speed, with a high refresh rate for motion clarity and an enhanced gaming experience, while the 33W FlashCharge allows users to power up in no time and stay on the move.


RedFOX Labs Acquires Video, Content and Streaming Platform


Vietnam based RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company (‘RedFOX‘) has now acquired a next generation content and streaming platform to incorporate directly into the wider RFOX ecosystem.

This is part of an acquisition buying spree, to be built upon the latest acquisition of MYMEDIA Digital: a digital marketing platform that connects consumers directly to brands and influencers across food, fashion, sport, and entertainment and its advertisers include global brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Nestle, Lenovo, Grab, Realme, VIVO, and GrandRoyal who market directly to the 35 million users currently engaging in the platform per month.

The new video and streaming platform will plug straight into RedFOX Labs’ other ventures, and will be the backbone for bringing content creators and consumers together in an interactive way.

RedFOX Labs now has a direct avenue for thousands of influencers to market directly to the Southeast Asian population across digital platforms that will also encompass this new video streaming platform.

The Southeast Asian market has 360 million internet users, with almost a third – 104 million  aged between 25 to 34. They are young, highly platform-literate, and have a thirst for technology and digital inclusion.

The video and streaming platform has some of the most advanced features of any content distribution application, including live interaction with content, live and evergreen overlays, embeddable call to actions, optimisation for mobile networks including an advanced compression system for bandwidth optimisation and is content agnostic.

Ben Fairbank, CEO, and Co-founder of RedFOX Labs commented:

This video and content platform is one of the most critical plug-ins we are bringing to the RedFOX ecosystem.

“This acquisition is a pure plug and play model for RedFOX Labs. Our expertise is in scaling technology and building integrations and interoperability to add exponential value to the platform.

“The platform allows for live, on-demand, linear and scheduled broadcasts and content delivery, with the added bonus of having evergreen overlays, meaning that regardless of when a video is watched, there can be live price feeds or status updates being broadcast to the consumer that is relevant to the time they are watching. It is also content agnostic meaning we can utilise it for video, audio, photos, animations, interactive widgets, documents and even ecommerce plug-ins.

“We will now be able to roll out similar but enhanced versions of the platform across IndonesiaPhilippines and Vietnam and interactively connect a roster of blue chip clients to the tech savvy Southeast Asian audience.

“The demand for the service regionally is felt on both the client and user side and we will now fill that void as we bring the latest in influencer video content to the consumers, with a few upgrades and enhancements that encourage participation and provide user rewards.

“The token value of $RFOX will be further realised with these integrations and scaling advanced and proven revenue streams. What we are clicking together with these acquisitions is very exciting for the token holders and the community in general.”


$RFOX Token Backs Itself With Revenue Generating Assets And Millions Of Users With Latest Acquisition


Vietnam based RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company (‘RedFOX’) has made its first significant investment as a venture builder with its acquisition of MYMEDIA Digital.

MYMEDIA Digital is Myanmar’s largest digital marketing platform that connects consumers directly to brands and influencers across food, fashion, sport and entertainment. It is one of the most heavily visited platforms in the country.

Its advertisers include global brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Nestle, Lenovo, Grab, Realme, VIVO and GrandRoyal who market directly to the 35 million users engaging in the platform per month.

Through this acquisition, RedFOX gains a football and sports app that has nearly 100K downloads and content channels for Style, Health, Tech, Sport, Business, Cars and Food.

Remarkably, more than 20 million minutes of video content is viewed each month with MYMEDIA  users.

Ben Fairbank, CEO, and Co-founder of RedFOX Labs commented:

“This acquisition is a pure plug-and-play model for us at RedFOX Labs. Our expertise is in scaling technology and building integrations and interoperability to add exponential value to the platform.

“This acquisition will allow us to build out the equivalent platforms in Vietnamthe Philippines, and Indonesia with a Rolodex of global advertisers already using MYMEDIA Digital who are chomping at the bit to get exposure to these other countries in Southeast Asia.

“The Southeast Asian market has 360 million internet users, with almost a third – 104 million – aged between 25 to 34. They are young, highly platform-literate, and have a thirst for technology and digital inclusion.

“They would use MYMEDIA Digital in a heartbeat – it just doesn’t yet exist in those countries. Our team’s focus on building and scaling technology is the bread and butter of RedFOX Labs.

“This is what RedFOX Labs has been working towards for two years and we are now hitting these acquisition goals.

“In 2019 alone, the Southeast Asian internet economy saw $100B in transaction volume. COVID-19 would have exponentially increased the transactional capability over 2020 as there was a marked shift to digital purchasing.”